EP: The New Moon

Moi Saint is single handedly reinventing the almost defunct genre of EBM using a series of unexpected influences and inspirations. The production style is reminiscent of Icon of Coil and the vocals have hits of both Siouxie Sioux and Ulrika Goldmann. There’s a thump that accompanies her soft yet strong vocals that remind me of VNV Nation, bringing me right the way back secondary school. I feel as if this EP will be played at goth clubs throughout the worldwide, The first track on the album ‘Lost in Time’  has a dark and punchy bassline line that slides its way up and down the melodic scale over the four minutes and five seconds of the song. Long enough to get fully understand the song emotionally but without the sometimes exhausting length of a soundtrack composition.

The track ‘Reptile’ appears as the second track on the EP and could easily be used for synch for the next thirty years. There’s a gentle darkness to the sound of this track that leaves you feeling safely vulnerable. Musically, it is uncomplicated, which allows for the feel of the track to take over my theory led brain. A rare find, this track slips in and out of your consciousness in the same way that it has been produced. Effortlessly. 

‘Faded’, the penultimate track on the EP carries on the tradition of being both easy to listen to yet vying for you ears’ attention. Not as strong as the first two tracks however still extremely high quality for the genre. With a bassline that moves like a wave machine and clever use of percussion this track carries the album through to its last track perfectly. Finally, the last track on the EP ‘Void’ begins on a much slower, much darker note. With tones reminiscent of the very early 90’s neo Goth scene and a vocal introduction that is spoken rather than sung. This pleasant come down reaches to the past in order to create the future in terms of postmodern EBM, the use of effects pedals on the vocals set the mis en scene for this artist as she brings this stunning album to a close.

With four tracks on the EP Moi Saint has shown herself to be not only an excellent composer and producer but an innovative artist. This album is deeper than any EP needs to be in order to showcase your growing talent. I was quite surprised that this was a debut release as the songs themselves sound too honed for a first go, however I’m open to surprises as long as they’re pleasant. I caught up with Moi Saint for a quick chat about the new release. 

Artist Profile: MOI SAINT

My name is Aisa and started my electronic music project called Moi Saint in the past year to exorcise all I have in my mind, shape it into sound and form into a melody. I am a singer and producer and I make all the art behind Moi Saint - from videos to photography, art work and lyrics - all of them you can find on my Facebook page. The New Moon is my first release and You can hear there everything I am made of - old school electronica, bassy synths, old romantic and erotic approach of lyrics meeting new age industrial music. I love experimenting and mixing new and old, black and white, beauty and dirt altogether. In my music I have a tendency of questioning human kind and its nature, watch it from my spiritual point of view, answer questions and provoke you. I am currently working on my new release and preparing for live performances, in-between I’ll give you some more visual art so keep an eye on me in the nearest future!

Feature of the Month:



 RI: This genre, has been touched upon over the years within the EDM scene. However, there has been a decline of new artist portraying this sound with modern elements. What was it about this style that enticed you to start creating music?

MS: My Eastern European roots have everything to do with it. I was raised on this genre, which is extremely popular in countries like Germany, Poland and Russia. Nothing like rock or metal music existed to me, it’s like this up to this day in my family. Growing up and starting to meet different people, doing a music degree in Manchester, I faced a shock from people who not only did not know this music very well but they weren't familiar with it at all. The disappointment of finding out people don’t know Depeche Mode - for me one of the biggest UK bands - was huge. That has driven me even more to make sure that I keep it going, that it does not die off and that it is not only a ‘vintage’ or ‘old school’ choice of direction but something that stays in the mind of young people and new generations. 

That and of course my huge love to the sound itself.  Unlike classic instruments ,electronic can be altered, changed and manipulated into so many different shapes, moods, sounds - their possibilities are simply limitless. Having too many concepts and visions of different colours and genesis - that is a life saver for me and surely for so many people that love doing something out of the box, something a bit weird or tricky.






RI: How have you found the industry and public reaction to your music?

MS: Extremely warm! I love this little community of people sticking together and promoting/helping each other out/passing various music over - everyone has great advice, shares their own experience, benefits from each other - it might be little, but a very family-like world. I am currently working on some more promotion for my music so let’s hope people will love my EP just like they did before. Every single person and every opinion counts. On that topic - thank you for having me on the feature and thank you to anyone who is reading it at the moment.

RI: What barriers have you found performing a music style which is generally considered to be underground?

MS: I am currently in the process of completing the live set up to start performing at the end of this year, around time of my next release. It can be difficult to perform in such an underground genre. From equipment, to finding someone with knowledge of what they are doing to places and events you play at - it is a hard path - still I am rather optimistic. My label gives me huge support and we are sorting it all out. 

The tricky part is adjusting such heavily electronic tracks for the live purposes! Loads of synth sounds need to be covered : old Prophet V, Moog’s Voyager ,Jupiter 6 , we are going to have electronic drum set, but in the same time guitarist so songs will have to be altered and changed to the live standard quality - very exciting yet difficult job !  

RI: Your vocal style is very unique and very honed, who are your main influences vocally?

MS: Thank You! To be honest I never was a fan of top quality singers with their flawless workshop I always dig something more raw and dirty, I put a big focus on the harshness of expression and honesty of it - Courtney Love, Chris Corner, Bjork, Maria Brink, Atsushi Sakurai, Brian Molko, Dave Gahan, Chino Moreno, Robert Smith, Marylin Manson or Trent Reznor - have all earned themselves a title of ‘’frontman/woman’’ rather than a title of a ‘’vocalist’’ and I see myself more of one as well rather than a singer.