Catastrophe are a five piece Thrash metal band from Dublin who have making waves within the metal scene. Having only been together just over a year they have produced a tight sound that straddles all the charm of early eighties Thrash with the all the energy and fervour of more contemporary bands. With undertones of early Slayer and Exodus Catastrophe have managed to generate a sound that simultaneously fills you with nostalgia whilst leaving you exhilarated at this new sound.

Catastrophe are definitely ones to watch, listening to them makes it  difficult to believe they’re such a fresh band on the scene  but it only leaves room for improvement. I’m really excited to see where this band goes and would definitely recommend them for fans of Thrash metal.

How are you finding the music industry at the moment?

Adam- The music industry is based more on image than anything else. You have to look a certain way, act a certain way and who gives a fuck about the music if it doesn’t fit in to visions of a handsome young man. It’s often their vision of what they want, and bands are being used to sell a product but you’re the ones writing the songs. It’s not a music industry any more than it is a business. You’re essentially being used to make other people money.

Jamie- The music scene is really repetitive at the moment, there are no new genres coming out, I feel like we are settling for what’s there now and not striving for something new.

Adam- Festivals like bloodstock are a brilliant though, the concept, the friendly atmosphere, everything. It is becoming increasingly difficult to play there though, which is understandable due to the quality of the festival and the small size of it.

What are the most common barriers from Thrash and metal musicians in the UK?

Jamie – We’re not your typical thrash band and we don’t fit in to the typical thrash stereotypes that you see now. I think we have a bigger sound that’s more accessible, not one sound is the same and we’re looking at the bigger picture with more complex sounds.

Adam – I think the one of the biggest barriers is that it’s still a niche genre. Back in the 80's the bigger bands like Metallica and Megadeth were huge. We have a fresh new style, now a lot of people that are into metal bands fall into old stereotypes with fast riffs and easy melodies. We have our own way of doing it which makes us stand out.

I think being from Ireland is definitely a barrier, people might overlook the country. When fans think about Thrash they think of Germany, San Fransico and Scandinavia but not Ireland.

What are your influences?

Jamie – My main influence is everything that happens around us in Ireland.  Has an influence on writing the music that we do. Most of it is war themed but our music will move away from that eventually. The biggest thing in society is who’s killing who.

I also listen to a lot of tribal stuff like Sepultura and I love the groove of Pantera. There’s a lot that influences me, Thrash isn’t everything.

Adam- Musically, old school thrash bands as well as ACDC, Thin Lizzy so it’s very hard rock influenced. I’m also influenced by different genres such as Flamenco. There are other influences as well, new laws being passed are they good or are they bad? Anything else I like tends to influence me, like I’m also a big horror fan and read a lot of comic books. I can write about anything really.  We tend to have groovy riffs as well, with a hook as opposed to punch you in the face thrash.

Darragh- Musically for me it's more hard core punk influences, bands like Rancid, Agnostic Front and Pennywise. I think all of our different influences give us our fresh sound. I mean what new Thrash band would come out with a song as slow as that?

Marty- I listen to a lot of old Thrash, with a bit of Lamb of God I really dig that new grove feeling.

What’s your dream line up?

Adam- Chris Burton on bass, Phil Lynott on Vocals, Neil Peart  on drums and James Hetfield and Rory Gallagher on twin guitars.

What do you think of the Irish metal scene, how does it compare?

Adam – The Irish metal scene is insanely crowded at the moment, very localised, and much dominated by thrash.  There is quite a bit of death metal and stuff but thrash is really big at the moment. There are so many bands popping up and nowhere for them to play. There’s a different band on every night so it get a little hard to play because the fans are always seeing someone else.

Jamie-I think that with the amount of bands that are around there isn’t enough input being put back in to them. A lot of bands are being looked past by different age and different people specific, quite, the person that would go to your Ireland. I also think there needs to be more of a link between Metal artist between the UK and Ireland and a lot more press.


If you could describe Thrash metal….

Pure and Angry. It feels the same as being punched in the face but in a really good way. It’s the kind of music that just wants to make you go and mosh you can’t stand sill you just have to go for it.

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