I managed to catch up with Catastrophe, the Irish Thrash metallers taking the metal scene by storm as they crashed through the UK.

So how is the tour going so far?

Jamie: It got off to a bit of a rocky start obviously with all the travelling and stuff and obviously the impending doom  of playing abroad again, so we had to get confident, we’ve been building up for it and the show last night in Leicester was one of the best shows we’ve ever played  so I’m happy, excited to come abroad again and do a  good chunk of dates and do wales and Scotland  and England is pretty cool  as well after pretty much two years of  being in this band so I’m happy anyway.

Gordo: Easily our best show was played last night,  so that’s a huge boost especially being on a tour  playing a large amount of dates at once, never going to Wales ever fucking again though.

Daz: it was pretty sweet, the first two days were a bit rough, trying to get your bearings around the place and having to deal with sitting in a van with all of these lot, so I mean the gig last night was   one of the best we’ve ever done not even on the tour just in general, so It was pretty deadly and it was a really cool confidence boost.

Adam: the travelling can be a bit rough but at home we don’t see each other that much we’ve all got work and college and stuff so it’s kind of cool to spend a lot of time like we’ve spent a LOT of time with each other in the last couple of days but it’s really cool I’m really enjoying it.

Connor: Considering I only joined the band three weeks ago I think it’s going pretty  well so far,  the shows are fun and it’s good to get to know people in another country.

What problems have you faced on the tour so far?

Adam: First of all, when we’re coming over, Gordo and I’s flight  got delayed by forty minutes because the weather was shit  and when we got off we had to rush straight from Edinburgh to Dundee and straight on stage no sound check no line check no type of tune up or anything , so that was rough, on the way over my bag with everything in it burst open, all my clothes so I’m carrying everything in a big plastic sack, then I put everything in my guitar bag but that burst open,  on the next day so that’s broken now, then my phone broke so I have no contact at home,  then today my hopes and dreams are getting broken so just a few problems. We got lost in Wales because all their road signs are in welsh and the place names are so long, you’re driving past think WHAT WHAT WAS THAT, then there were sheep on the road so that set us back little bit set us up for dinner, but other  that there’s not been many problems, basically  everyone else is having a great time, I’m dealing with problems but it’s been OK problems we’ve had  is we're playing in a different country so we don’t know the promoters or the sound guys  , so trying to get our sound right on stage sometimes can be a little bit dodgy, like last night the guitars were a bit low but that can always be sorted out, everything else has gone pretty well.

How was the process for recording, writing and producing the EP?

Jamie: pretty much every song we’ve written all the music’s been written together  jamming during the practices and stuff like that, I would either have lyrics  pre-written or write lyrics for it and just drop drums on top and we jam  with that together, put it all in a blender and then … that’s pretty much it but recording the EP we started it in fucking June or something  and they were like, yeah this is fine, then work and everything else with our hectic schedules and we ended up the last two weeks, thinking SHIT we’ve got to get this done, luckily we found Daniel Doyle and he did a great job, total shout out, he’s a beast , a legend he was really good for us time wise  because we had to fit in everything pretty much in the last two weeks and he got us all done mixed and done so that was fine  for a debut EP I think  its sound great considering how rushed it was in the end  and so we live and we learn from this one and take to the next.

What do you think is next for catastrophe?

Adam: when we get back to Ireland were going to play a few shows official ep launch shows Dublin, Belfast and Cork shit, that’s  kind of what we’re focusing on after that we can get back to writing some new tunes,  maybe release something in the new year hopefully.

Jamie: I think it’s important for when we go back to take a week or two off and then regroup and go back to practicing absolutely smash it in the practice room, do our EP release dates, then look to really us to get our name in Ireland as well, really just play a lot more shows now in Ireland for the next year and write some new tunes as well.

Pat: I  think another aim for Catastrophe is definitely Ireland but definitely  UK again to spread the name even further with the connections we are making now on the tour with  bigger bands who are definitely interested in Catastrophe supporting in the future so that’s definitely  get the name out there and I think a big aim now hopefully for next year is mainland Europe to get hot leads down there if it’s going to work we will see but were definitely going to aim for that for next year festivals and mainland Europe,  get the name out in Ireland and the republic, definitely get solid ground here in the UK.

Connor:-How has it been to have joined a band and go straight on tour?

It was a bit at the start it was a bit challenged I suppose having to learn a brand new set three weeks before the tour was due… and of course going on tour with four guys I didn’t actually know was a bit of a challenge at the time and now  I know them I suppose they're okay, at the time I was a bit nervous I suppose but I feel like I’ve settled in, I’m think I’m doing an OK job, well see  how the rest of the tour goes and hopefully we can continue to make some  more cool music together and see what happens.

Their latest release ‘Terror Campaign’ is an onslaught of the sense as you’re taken back to the good old days of thrash yet moved forward to this new era. With a total of five songs this EP will no doubt push this band forward as they find new and wonderful ways to assault your ears with a barrage of pure unadulterated thrash metal.

The EP opens up with a song that tries its best to damage your ears, Propaganda comes at you like a rabid dog with its classic Thrash riffs and relentless drum beats. With their solid line up and sheer enthusiasm for the craft Catastrophe has created an EP reminiscent of ‘No Life ‘til Leather’. Leaving out any intricacies and focussing on the metal this EP has all the elements it needs to…

The second track on the EP has a running sound that drags you into it, bringing you back to a time of smoking indoors and boxy ford fiestas. Featuring a stunning solo by Adam Treacy it’s easily my favourite track on the entire album.

The vocalist , Jamie Murphy’s unrelenting voice effortlessly slides between typical thrashy shouts and darker growls as he forces you to listen to what he’s saying.

The production on this album is close to perfect, keeping the raw sound of thrash metal whilst keeping the sound tight, there’s a slight warmth to the production which keeps it all together nicely.

Track four has an intro worthy of an early Megadeth track; the guitarists dancing around each other in the opening of this track give you no other option but to have a new favourite song. As the song kicks in and the drummer blasts away in his little area of doom the song takes a different turn.  This song seems to be a three in one beauty which takes a number of different turns creating a mini epic in just five minutes and nineteen seconds.

The last track on the song gives us a minor riff that’s sure to stay in your brain for a while as the guitarist’s bring us down. The effects on the vocals give us a sense of impending doom, with undertones of Metallica’s Orion in the first half of the song it sounds familiar but new all at the same time.  Giving us one last taste of the guitarists’ impeccable talents it remains to be seen what this band can come up with next.

 You can listen and buy Terror Campaign here www.catastropheirl.bandcamp.com