Trevors Head, a Stoner rock band from Redhill has stunned me with this latest album.  The sheer power behind the vocalist voice penetrates your ears leaving it vulnerable to the rest of the band as they charge through.  Unable to keep still as I listen through ‘Tricolossus’ the latest album by the band, I’m suddenly reminded of how it feels to listen to a great metal album for the first time.  The lead guitarist damn near has sex with his guitar during a solo on ‘Government Whores´ and as I listen to the drummer use pure brute force on the kit I’m transported to a live gig in an intimate venue, not sat in my box room hunched over a four year old laptop. The quality of production on this album not only creates this big sound that brings to mind the likes of Mastodon and early Black Label Society but gives this band the album they deserve.

 With a number of hits on the album it’s just become a firm favourite of mine.  The vocalist at time has hints of Willian DuVall with undertones of that bluesy early 80’s drawl that you don’t often hear in this decade. Listening through this album track after track I can almost smell the Jägermeister in the air I’m pretty sure that if I close my eyes and reach out I’ll touch a sweat soaked denim vest.

In short, I want to listen to this album forever. Just stick me in the pit at take my money.

M: What are you main influences? 

Matt: Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Kyuss, Melvins and Tool are just a handful of the bands that we like collectively. But our own personal tastes stretch over prog, soul, country, psych, jazz, and so on and so on. We all listen to loads of music and all have a hand in writing every song we make, so we sometimes have some pretty diverse results!

M: What would say have been your main barriers entering into the music industry?

 Roger: Probably the fact that we don't know how it works and are slowly learning through experience who is trustworthy and who is not! There are some people in the industry who are the rogue traders of music; only out to make an easy quid. And for these people, the professional hustlers, you really need to watch your back. Trust us, we've been stung by them! But for the majority of people we've met on the underground scene, they’re in the same boat. Out there to try and make their way playing music for people who love to listen. Getting bigger audiences and bringing the good guys with you is tough, but we're trying to do that.

 Matt: Getting your image sorted is tough, too, unless of course you have somebody in your band who’s a great graphic designer or photographer! Unfortunately, it’s not just about the music when you’re looking for management or label help. The quality of the music should come first in my opinion, but those guys like to see that you can cover all bases.

M: What advice would you give to any musicians starting up in the industry? 

 Matt: Practice, practice, practice. With any free time you have, be it alone or with your band. Play as many gigs as you can, and actually talk to other bands and audience members at shows. And if possible, put on shows with bands you like! Gig swapping is a great way to get around.

 Roger: Surround yourselves with the right people, listen to a shit ton of music and lose the attitude. People have no time for divas, especially at our level.

M: How do you feel about the mass closures of music venues? 

 Roger It fuckin’ sucks! But I guess the audience gets what they want, and if they don't want to come out for as many gigs any more you will have fewer venues able to stay open. I don't believe that streaming, file sharing or lazy promoters are necessarily to blame. There is a culture of “doing us a favour” for putting us on a bill and not paying us, but whatever. You just have to support your local venues as much as possible by going to shows and playing them. When someone can move into a flat above a venue and gets it shut down through noise complaints, we really need to go back to the basics, fuck the system as it is and look out for each other. More squat parties for all! 

 M: Can you explain your sound? 

Roger: Like a badass elephant riding sonic waves through the cosmos.

Matt: Or for a more relatable description – raw, fat riffs, fluid, fuzzy bass, thundering drums and three blokes yelling over it.

M: Are there are any bands you are currently listening to at the moment that you would recommend?

Roger: Torche, Witchcraft, and New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble.

Matt: Tangerine Dream, The Meters and Cavalli.

Trevors Heads new album, Tricolossus is out now and can be bought through their band camp