Ventenner are a London based band whose industrial sound has pushed them higher and higher within the UK metal scene, with clear influences of Marilyn Manson and NIN they continuously find ways to be innovative and collaborative when it comes to honing their sound. The band who has just signed up with Dissention Records, has been making waves in the industrial scene in the UK which does still exist if you didn’t know.

This new album Invidia’ an excellent representation of their work and has me excited to see it live, giving you the best of them.  This full length album, once again will be on repeat for the next month as I refuse to listen to anything.

The Start is the End’ the opening track on the album, brings back memories of the first time you heard Mechanical Animals within the first few seconds, easing into NIN and then on to Skinny Puppy through the vocals. A head banger, this song is perfect for both those familiar with the band and new fans, allowing you to get to understand them within thirty seconds. The clear cut vocals with throaty yet faucalized chorus that immediately appeals to the ears.  With hints of Rammstein and Mastodon in the breakdown the atmospheric production of this track brings it all together well giving you a complete track.

Break in Two’ The second track, has bass-lines that bring a darkness to the album reminiscent of early nineties industrial , and even some EDM with running bass-lines that bring about images of a swamp, the chorus giving us sounds we haven’t heard since early 2004.

Circle, the 7TH track on the album had me screaming in pleasure as the song kicked in. with its deep groove and rolling guitars, the chorus I imagine will be screamed at many a show by thousands of people in the near, near future.  A fantastic track that will remind you exactly why you fell in love with metal in the first place, not too long, not too short, just the right amount of time to bring you back to that place where you first met.

‘Only the Empty Remain’ gives us a song to fuck to as the vocalists lulls us into a false sense of security before the chorus comes in and shakes us by the ear drums, giving us a bit of groove  with the litanic guitar work drawing us in. A heavier song to start with it appeals to Black Metal part of my heart as the lead guitar works its way down your spine.  The way the guitarists in this song tease their instruments give you a new favourite song

‘Bruxism’, hits us with a heavy almost military beat at the start which sets you up for the rest of the song as it repeatedly thumps your ear drums. Listening to it, I can already see a sea of head banging at the next show.  Once again the vocals pull the song together as, giving us a smooth soft caress mid-song reminiscent of Six the nine minute beauty by Chimaira

Using somewhat odd time signatures Dividing Seed gives me thoughts of Mastodon, along with powerful performances from the vocalist and melodic intervals from the guitarists, this song gives the album an adult feel to it, letting you know that this is not a boy band, but most definitely a man band. This track is most definitely a song for the professionals as the melody begins to melt just before the bridge, with all the instruments blending into each other to come out and hit you with a killer chorus.

‘Omega’, with a very atmospheric intro, the song begins slowly to let you breathe a minute before you hear the last track on this blinder of an album. Excellently bringing the album to a close, the aptly titled ‘Omega’ gives you a few minutes to process what you’ve just heard. Like a come down from a great night out, this song eases you out slowly.

For those familiar with the infamous Queen of the Damned soundtrack (quite possibly one of the best soundtracks of all time), this album I imagine would replace it if it were to come out in 2016. This album is a pleasure to listen to, taking me back 10 years yet at the same time propelling me forward as I see the future of Industrial Metal. Giving me something to look forward to, it gives us undertones of many sub genres whilst staying true to the industrial over tones that is Ventenner, this British band could quite easily give Trent Reznor a run for his money (sorry not sorry) with this album as they prove that metal continuously evolves and is as imaginative and innovative as its always been. Finding the dark within the light this album drags you down to its level and the production brings it all together perfectly. Invidia will be released through Hibernacula Records on January 20th 2017

For fans of Chimaira, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, NIN, Mastodon