How did it feel to play here today?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fucking good. It’s been a while. Last time was two years ago, that’s a long time for us. 

Did you always want to be musicians?

Yes. I had a baby drum kit on top of a cupboard when I was a little kid.

I think I wanted to be a musician since I was eleven, maybe even nine. I wanted to start when basically this friend of mine at school and he was playing guitar so he had loads of girls. He was ugly as shit but he had so many girls, I’m like you know what I’m going to be THAT dude, I’m going to play. Then honestly, I was a child and I saw an advert for Iron Maiden, I think it was ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh son’ and I fucking loved the fucking thing, the poster and everything I was like. Wow! I want to be there. That was it really. That fucked me up big time.

I’ve had a guitar in my hand since I was five.

Agamoth on illegal downloading

I think in some ways it helps spread the word but, you know we don’t do this to essentially be rich do we?

Personally I don’t know I  mean it’s a tricky area isn’t it, I think there’s a lot of good init but I think the music industry needs to catch up and somehow accept that it’s going to be happening, revenue needs to come from somewhere else, but again this is a very tricky area. It’s got to be all figured out its a new system it’s  a new era we’re walking into right now and the transition period is going to be a bit shaky as it is. I think things are going to change

You see we never got signed with a major or anything like that. Honestly I don’t give a flying fuck about it and you know why, I believe In what you can do yourself, come on you go with a major they fuck you over you turn into a little puppy, right they fuck you up big time, yeh you become big but, do I want success or do I want joy from the music?  I want to have fucking fun so I said you know what, I had been working with a lot of people and I made my little experience and then I said fuck it we’re going to do it ourselves. I do everything myself I help other bands I release other bands, they’re all on the same level. Fuck the corporation, a big corporations going to fuck you over big time. It’s going to destroy you. Come on, fame,? Stick fame up your ass! You’re going to be a fucking alcoholic or a drug taker because you can’t take it any more, so no way. Stick to your guts, do your favourite thing as you like it. Believe it and make it grow yourself.  Now downloading, yeh it is a little bit of a fuck up I mean if a tenth of the people that downloaded the album would have bought it , I could have made another album. I’m going to work fucking harder, we’re going to bash our asses even harder, we’re going to make more money and we ARE going to record another album. We’re going to carry on playing. In ten years  we’re going to be out there doing the same shit and you guys are going to have fun while the big wanker’s are going to be at Mc Donald’s frying me the burger that I’m going to eat when I get out of here.  Fuck the system!