The ‘What it Is’ track taken from his new album ‘Shadow Lake’ has all the bearings of something surrounded in the midst of Dorset, where the majority of this EP was written by Alex over a period of self-reflection; and future acceptance. The four tracked EP with the tracks: ‘Shadow Lake, What It is, One Day, and ‘No Purity’ are all compiled over the course of a summer/autumn period with the weather forecast being more on the verge of bleak and folksy when you hear ‘No Purity, and Shadow Lake.” The other half of this album was written in more of a summer setting with “One day’ and ‘What It Is’ still borderline reflecting the mood and mental mentality of this artist at a period where his travels included caravans, and anywhere he could lay his head down upon. It was a revolving period for his music.


I asked myself if I would compare him to Jeff Buckley whose atmospheric sounds haunts the room as he takes you into a mind that is full of thoughts and depth. Alex has depth within his sound and voice, and the elements he deducts from are self and purpose. It’s deeper shit then some may imagine but the laid back and wanderer lifestyle is definitely seen in this interview – and Holland/Germany will welcome his future performances, as will other doors/countries that are letting him in.


1) I wanted to know what emerged from you times sleeping in the back of vans and hanging out in an abandoned school, what brought you to this point in life? What did you find out about yourself during these times?


In our old band Saturday Sun we practiced at an abandoned grammar school in Dorset and we knew the caretaker who let us practice there and also let us keep a caravan there which we used to stay in quite often. Has been a great place to practice and we were really lucky... sleeping in the back of vans just came about from pretty much non stop gigging with the band for the 6 years that we were going... Brought to this point from the band splitting up because we were finding things difficult and I also just quite enjoy the simplicity of just sitting with a guitar or at a piano because it just seems to fit with my general way of life a lot smoother and makes me feel more relaxed.



2) What did the influence of winter and Scotland have on your ’Shadow Lake’ EP, what did it bring to your creativity?


I'd say about half of it was influenced by the summer in Dorset as I did half of it towards the end of last summer/autumn and then the other half was Scotland stuff with things like shadow lake and no purity.... yeah it was pretty bleak up there so I guess it made half of the EP sound bleak! But maybe mountainous too


3) What is this album as a whole to you?


Just feels like a bridge type thing into a new way of life really and a lot of the stuff in the songs is just about accepting things for what they are... trying to see the good in it and using whatever it is you’ve got to keep moving on


4) The track ‘What it is’ seems like a very deep message to somebody dear to you, is this true?


There was a particular personal reason that I wrote the song but its more just about seeing that thing for what it is and just reminding myself not to get hung up on things in the future because better things are nearly always just around the corner... like the best thing ever appears before you and then turns to shit and you think nothing will ever be that good... and feel not very good for a while and then all if a sudden you get surprised because usually something way better turns up at a really unexpected time if you just wait a bit...


5) Do you see any comparisons with Jeff Buckley in your music?

What made him stand out for you as one of your music favorites and are there more?


I can see comparisons in the tone and range of my voice but not as much the songwriting. I don’t know really why I like him he's just great and that’s why I like artists... just if I like them then I like then I suppose. Ye I like all kinds of music... lots of people say that but I really do like most things so its a difficult subject to venture into when my thoughts on it are so big



6) How did you come to meet John Cornfield and John Davis? 


John Cornfield I met through the manager of my old band as they live near each other in Cornwall and work together on various projects... John Davis I met through my current management


7) What live dates do you have coming up, and what is to be expected after the release of your new EP with your music?



Live Dates:

June 18th
The Palladium club, Bideford, Devon
June 19th
The New Inn, Tywardreath, Cornwall
June 21st
Whiskers, Falmouth, Cornwall 
June 22nd
Truro, Cornwall (venue tba)
June 24th 
Dorchester Arts Centre, The Corn Exchange, Dorchester, Dorset
June 29th 
The Winchester, Bournemouth, Dorset
June 30th 
Brighton Noise Night - The Marwood, Brighton
July 9th
Dorset volks fest, 
July 30th 
Chilled In A Field Festival - Tonbridge, Kent
August 26th
Purbeck Valley Folk Festival - Dorset


These are some of the summer dates. There’s a few more coming through at the moment and I’m also touring Holland and Germany at the end of the summer...

After the EP release there will be lots of gigs, music videos, live videos and then a second EP not long after.