We caught up with Michael Bastholm Dahl and Michael Stützer from Artillery recently…

 M: Over your illustrious career, what changes have you experienced in the music industry?

MS: The way you Can use the internet Today have made the promotion of the band very easy, the recordings in the studio with All the new digital equipment has changed the way you record today  and the low sales of CD’s and vinyl compared with the eighties has forced a lot of bands to tour more.

M: What bands are you listening to at the moment? 
MD: At the moment, I think I'm getting inspiration from experimental acts like Ulver, Devin Townsend and the various works of Mike Patton. But stuff like Ghost, The Haunted Abbath is there too and Motörhead of course!

MS: I still listen to a lot of Seventies bands like Sabbath etc and a lot of Thrash metal also newer bands.

M: What has been your favourite performance over the years?
MD: Well, I think playing Bang Your Head festival was the biggest experience for me personally, since it was the biggest crowd I had played in front of, at the time.   

MS: Playing Wacken, South America, Japan and USA has been among many highlights.

M: Having been involved in the Thrash scene from the early years, how do you think the genre has changed over the years?

MS: It’s been a lot easier to spread your music through the internet; the competition while playing live is much tougher because bands had to tour so much because of the bad cd sales. The Technical skills of the musicians have improved a lot, but the fans are still the same.

M: Can you tell me about the concept of your upcoming release Penalty by Perception? 
MD: A lot of world stuff. I can't keep the wolves at bay any longer; I must admit I am deeply concerned about the state of our planet. Pollution, terrorism, war, religious fanatics, brainwashing politics etc. etc. etc., sadly the list goes on and on. A little bit of philosophy has crept in there too. I think it's the only true medication against losing hope. 


You can listen to Artillery here (if you haven’t already)