So how does it feel to play here today?

Really awesome, we’re really chuffed to be asked to come and play along here, credit to Reece he’s down a really good job with the organisation,

What’s the first metal album you bought?

I think bloodhound Gang ‘hooray for boobies’ was the closest thing to metal I first listened to or Michael Jackson, actually my first one was Slipknots debut album I got from the library, it scared the shit out of me and I was really amazed  by  how much it scared me.

 I think when I really went proper metal it was the ‘And Justice for all’ album, Slipknot was a really good bridge into some heavier stuff for me as well.


Illegal downloading

For years and years we’ve had tape trading and copying CD’s to tape and that, however the internet has made it a huge thing. It’s not fair on bands to download their stuff for free but at the same time its good exposure.  I do download quite a bit to be honest but I tend to download stuff to try it, to check out the album and if I do like it I buy the CD’s and the DVD’s and that, but what I don’t really like, for instance one of my favourite bands is tia? They had a new album out in HMV and it was around £17.50 at one point when it came out. I haven’t actually bought it or downloaded it.

Yeh albums got well over priced, ridiculously, so that’s not going to help matters for them at all. But on the whole it’s not really on is it; it’s really bad for the younger generation as well. As they’re starting to get into music.

Obviously I never had that when I was growing up we just bought CD’s.

It will make bands very elitist, because you’re only going to buy music from bands you really like. One thing could be that the only bands with any money left would be the really good bands. In an ideal world of course.

What do you think about the metal scene in the UK at the moment?

Well we’re from around Birmingham so up in the city it’s not that bad but where we’re from its pretty dead. Something like this today it’s brilliant, it’s been a really good turnout, they’ve thought of everything, really well publicised. There’s no real scene is there? The thing is, there are people coming here to see the gig, it’s not like people sitting in a bar and there’s a band playing at the back.

Did you always want to become musicians?

The first thing I wanted to be was a tree surgeon, I loved climbing trees.

We’ve both got history doing drama and performing arts, I used to be a music tech as well, anything that involves working in a  venue, live events and that. I mean doing an event like this every day would be brilliant.

Do you have an album out at the moment?

We have one just about to come out; it should be with us in about a month or so.

And what can we expect from Carpathia in the near future?

Something slightly different from today to be honest, we’ve been working a lot on the new album. A lot more technical as in terms of song structure and riffs and that, were interested in prog rock and things like that

We’re trying for extreme prog rock, really trying to  push the envelope on that, we describe ourselves as extreme progressive metal, (so take that as you wish) and the word progressive not just to mean putting a funny bar of 5 in every now and then, but as in actually progressing songs. We’re really looking to develop things a lot more thoroughly, one of the songs we played today is actually half an hour long, we only played ten minutes of it, but it’s a long album. Essentially,  more extremity more progression.