M: How do you juggle being a student and a working musician?

C: It’s very difficult actually to do it because obviously I’ve got other commitments academically and I’ve got exams coming up so it means I have to put music on hold and I haven’t been writing as much as I used to so it’s been difficult to juggle it but whenever I get the free the time that’s when I write or that’s when I do gigs.

M: At what point did you decide to take music full time?

C: Probably when I started to gig almost every week, when it got the point where I was gaining a lot more experience on a regular basis and I was starting to learn more than just one instrument. It was probably during that time I got to a point where I wrote twelve songs and recorded them all in the space of like one Easter holiday. So it was maybe at that point where I realised that this is something that I like to do and I’m fairly good at it.

M: What are your musical influences?

C: Definitely Carole King,  because I listened to her album Tapestry when I was sixteen and I fell in love with it and it influenced me and inspired me to write more.  She writes in such a complex way but she shows it like it she’s doing it really easily and I really like that and also Ed Sheeran just because of his lyrics they’re immense he’s inspired me a lot in terms of my lyrics and.. Dave Grohl as well, because he plays so many instruments and I just want to be able to do what he does.

M: What other influences have do you have?

Just everything, the world, I take inspiration from everything.  Myself and my relationships with people or what I see in the world around me and the people in my life as well and their experiences.

M: What kind of reception have you had from the industry so far?

C: It’s been very positive, a lot of people have been amazing, supporting me and giving me opportunities and believing in me so it’s been incredibly positive and I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve had.

M: Are you gigging this summer?

C: As  soon as my exams are over I’m going to do a lot more gigs over the summer, I’ve got one gig in the  middle of my exams but it’s the Oxford Punt so it’s a big deal for me but after that I’ll spend the whole summer gigging really.

M: Can you tell me about your new ep?

C: My EP is all the tracks were written acoustically but then in production and in the studio a few of them got a lot more produced.  There are tracks with an acoustic influence, a pop influence and more a rock and folk influence and funk and blues as well so there are a lot of genres in the EP.  I like to show versatility and that my stuff is all very different and I was hoping to convey that through the ep.

M: What have you learnt about the music industry so far?

C: What I’ve learnt is that, it’s very much about experience and networking and just talking to people and taking any opportunities that you can because it’s very much about look as well and who you know.  There are people who could do two gigs and then get a record deal and then there are people who could do  a thousand and never ever get noticed by any one. So it’s very much about look and also keeping up with trends I feel and I don’t tend to do that, which might put me at a disadvantage but it’s a bout trends and about looks. If you’ve got that look you might just make it but if you’re not exactly the most attractive of people or you don’t fit the pop princess or pop prince type you might not ever make it which is frustrating.

You can listen to Charlie Leavy’s new EP here