Introducing Charlotte to you the readers will be a very simplistic thing to do. Like Ed Sheerean building his: ‘Lego house,’ building a star like ‘Courtney Bennet’ will require all the pieces and preparations of one simple thing; ‘Keeping it real.” Keeping it real is the recipe of the day, and the recipe of the night. It takes work to discover someone so laid back and to keep them that way – where as many would de-construct Courtney, ‘The Live Factory,” simply want to mould and listen to what she has to say; we will discuss more on that later.

 Charlotte’s covers have included some well-known hits from artists such as; ‘Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Kehlani, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and others who blaze the radio stations with commercial abilities that meet the markets requirement of what they want you to hear.  When playing/-sharing Charlottes cover songs to individuals I know many have expressed the same or similar kind of words; “She has an amazing voice?” Or, “She sounds cool.” There is always a positive response to what is heard and that can only be a good thing.

 Working with the “Live Factory’ has given me a more personal inside view with Charlotte. Even asking the few questions that I sent her have been met with an enthusiastic desire to communicate directness and frankness. It seems like a sparkle of fun and life comes into the room when her name is mentioned: by the manager, and artists such as, ‘Pep,’ who says her “vibe” is in a manner of words “on point.” Always positivity. So where do I begin with Charlotte? Well firstly she is a 19-year-old teenager who is originally from Surrey, and is a young girl who studied Music Practice and won “Nescot’s Got Talent” not too long ago. Besides music and work she says she, “practically does nothing.”  She went to elaborate the importance of her craft by saying,

 If I'm not doing one I'm doing the other and that’s just the way it is! I'm a strong believer in that you can never have enough practice! When you're going to bed early someone else is up crafting their talent.”

 And this mind-frame is met with similar artists that I have come across in her craft. The idea that work is 24/7 for them is an important factor. The song writing, the practicing, the preparation, is all-apart of the artists manufacturing of self. Apart from being a part-time gamer; Charlotte doesn’t shy away from being a home-body, and family girl either:


 “I'm a huge family person so anytime I get with them is a day well spent! I have a lot of younger brothers and sisters so spend a lot of time with them watching Peppa Pig and playing that 'Bean Boozled' game.”

 The homebody personality that Charlotte depicted is a closeness to somebody who may never forget the values of bonding and trust that coms within a stable and close knit-family. The industry is filled with such menace and greed with vultures swiping at, ‘fresh meat,’ and the sounds of ‘ Ching Ching ‘ making their pockets fat.

 I went on to elaborate more on what the manager of “The Live Factory had told me. He mentioned that, “Charlotte had applied for a job with them but ended up as a working artist instead.” Charlotte elaborated more on the situation with the ‘Live Factory:

 “Basically I was desperate for a job, and being a music student that had just left college any job related to music stood out to me! So I went and applied for a job at The Live Factory and not long after got an email from Femi (The founder of The Live Factory) asking for me to come down for a chat. Honestly I was just happy to have had a reply... Finding a job now is insanely hard! But anyway... So there I was thinking I might have a Job but it wasn't until I got there that Femi told me that actually they were interested in being my mentors and helping guide me towards the next steps in my music career. I was stoked!”

 It made me smile to read this response, as I know the feeling of wanting any job that has any significance to what you finally studied in college or university. I’m sure many readers can relate to the notion of, “wanting to quickly manifest a starting point within your chosen field or future.” Maybe Charlotte is fortunate that her humble beginnings started off with a bang! As many would love to hear the words that ‘Femi” uttered to her as she met him that day.  Femi did mention to me the situation of meeting Charlotte and liking what he heard/saw, so it’s nice to back-up a situation that is developing quite well as we speak.

 For those who don’t know Charlotte has an upcoming Ep that will be released this summer and is set to be one of critically good acclaim and these words are from my mouth and me. I am brutally honest but never let opinion falter myself as an upcoming music journalist. I bring facts, or is that what we are meant to bring, opinions? Anyways, back to the subject in hand: Charlotte has done many covers and I wanted to find out what inspired her to cover such up-to date songs? And did any of these artists inspire her growth. She mentioned one artist; ‘Tori Kelly” - who inspired her to upload covers onto You-Tube.

 “I would definitely say the person that made me want to start uploading my own covers on YouTube would have to be Tori Kelly... now those who know me know that I am a little obsessed with her... in a non-creepy way I promise! She's just crazy talented and plays the guitar too and I just remember being mesmerized when I saw her 'Thinking Bout You' Cover online!”

 When it came to her original material ‘Charlotte’ smartly re-focused that it wasn’t these artists entirely who made her want to write music, it was these particular artists who shaped her style, voice techniques, and so forth - she said that:

 “When it comes to my original stuff I wouldn't say that there are people that made me want to start writing my own music but there are people that definitely have an influence in as far as the style I write and the techniques I use vocally! Some of those people include Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, J.Cole, Kehlani, Marsha Ambrosias and Daley.... OMG he's insaneeeee! My new favourite is definitely Anne-Marie, she's killing it at the moment!”

 Anne-Marie was something I played just a few minutes before conducting this write-up and I have to admit I’m sort of addicted to the swag of the beats she has laying up behind a voice that’s clearly with it.  ‘Karate’ and ‘Boy’ had me moving weirdly I can’t lie.... It’s some cool shizz. Charlotte has a keen ear for, “with it.” Like, ‘Alessia Cara’ who has her head on with that popular track: “Here,” Charlotte seems to keenly follow artists with real soul and fire behind what they do and it shows in what they have to say for themselves.

 If you track back to 2015 you may very well remember who Charlotte TurnBull is. She is no stranger to the entertainment side of things and ‘The Voice’ actually harboured an insight into what she was then capable of. I read up on the, “nescot news” (Charlotte was a former student there) which covered all the basics of the performance; from what the judges had to say, to her opinion on her own performance. Will I am quoted that; “‘moments of awesomeness’ but also ‘some stumble moments’. Sir Tom Jones thought here voice was lovely, whist Ricky Wilson replied with a similar answer to that of Tom Jones. It was something that in others opinions is best left un said, but it’s still a good memory to be uncovered by Charlotte which seems like a distant blur to her now. She said that,

 “It happened very quickly but is definitely something I won't forget. I had an amazing experience on The Voice... and I got to hug Rita Ora so I guess you could say I’m winning at life aha! But for real I met some amazing singers and am incredibly grateful to have even made it to the Live Auditions! As far as not getting through I think it was the right thing to happen at that stage, looking back I don't think I was ready for that sort of exposure at all. My music has taken a drastic change and I have a clearer vision as to where I want my music career to head now, but as a whole I think that experience helped me figure myself out as an artist.”

 Moving forward with what I wanted to uncover I wondered what a 19 year old teenager would think of the music today and the entertainment shows on TV. I am originally a 90’s baby so history is far apart from what is played on the radio at the moment. It’s a depressing blur and distinction but I can appreciate the independent and up-coming artist who truly hangs on to the banner of “self” in today’s time. I was curious but have to admit was truly pleased with her response on the “pop industry” and the ‘entertainment industry:’

 “If you're talking about the POP industry I wouldn't say I'm its biggest fan but that's not to say that I can't appreciate a good song when I hear one! A lot of it sounds the same to me if you don't mind me saying! I prefer to listen to up and coming artists because they tend to be more fearless with their music, I guess that’s probably because they don't have so much pressure upon them to keep making all these 'Hit's' as they're called!

  When it comes to X-factor and Britain's Got Talent I do watch them but for the same reason anyone else does... For the entertainment and to laugh at people... that sound bad but come on, we all do it! The Voice is way better for Talent in my opinion it's just a shame that it hasn't picked up in the same way the X-Factor has, that's probably down to the fact that they don't take the mick out of people like the other shows do. Which is one of the reasons I chose to audition for it in the first place, in my opinion its way more respected.”

 Which is true. Some do watch the shows for its entertainment benefits and I cannot fault that. I do wish it aired real people with real talent but I don’t watch these show anyways, they don’t truly reflect entertainment that is beneficial for seriousness. If you look at ratings and viewings you will find that it does for a while live up to the hype of TV credit, but then falters because people eventually see through its rouse and switch the damn thing off! It can’t survive for too long because demand becomes something else. Maybe real music will be a rating’s shield.

 “Sun-Down” is a single that is set to put Charlotte on the starter pack of ‘Sweet, Sweet Loving.” It’s such an upbeat and catchy tune that you’ll feel as good as I feel when listening to it.  It’s circulating as we speak and is available to listen for all those who want to hear it. She also has a video that will be dropping soon and I don’t want to spoil the digs, so Charlotte basically says it best about what’s in store:

 “Ahhh Sundown! I'm pumped for people to hear it! It’s actually a really old song of mine, I made the beat when I was back in college for a project we were doing but I came across it a few months ago as you do and revamped it I guess you could say to the way it is now! Honestly it sounded terrible before but I'm going to put that down to age aha! As far as the video goes we're planning to get started pretty soon with it, I don't think I’m going to give away too much about it because I want it to be a surprise! Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it, it's going to be live! You'll get a good feel as to who I am as a person within it, which is something that’s not really shown in my online covers and videos. Just an all-round fun video I can’t wait to start filming it!”

 And this is indeed the case. A small insight would be that it’s been carefully planned and processed so the finish touching’s will be something of a live showdown. I’ll say no more.

 The Live Factory are keenly working at her image, her sound, and what way would be best to sell this young girl in a positive manner that will serve her best purpose as a whole product. A product is what an artist’s sells and it may sound vulgar to some but it is what it is. – They are walking mannequins for their art, and it’s exactly the way I’ve said it. Charlotte has an idea of what she wants and so does the team behind her at ‘The Live Factory’.

 “What’s good about the people behind me is the friendship and trust we have, there are a lot of selfish people within the music industry that only think of themselves or money side of things. Luckily I have managed to find some amazing people that enjoy music as much as I do and people who believe in my craft and me! As far as where I want them to take me... I have no idea. I don't feel it's their job personally to take me anywhere, that’s up to me but I know for a fact that if and when I am confronted with some big decisions to make about my career that we will work as a team to make it happen and keep things steady!”

 The “Live Factory” has also been setting about steadily on ways to get Charlotte out there bit-by-bit. Within a time-line things have to be set-up; and this is what happens with the timing ad releases of Ep’s and singles. To what should be used as a single cover, to what shouldn’t be used. It’s a tough process but it’s rewarding if done right. I suppose the next stage for Charlotte would be getting out their gigs and live shows that can slowly forfeit a good run of things. I wanted to find out in terms of gigs and shows where she was at personally with “The Live Factory” she said this:

 “Myself and The Live Factory have been working on getting some gigs sorted for the coming months! I actually have one at the end of this month on the 31st down at Stereo92 for anyone that’s interested and I'm also going to be supporting Pepstar, one of the best if not the best talented UK rapper today down at his EP event at The Monarch in Camden on the 15th! All information is on my social media!

 As of before this I have done a handful of gigs here and there but to be honest my track record isn't great but that’s all going to change this year! Hopefully I will have gigs coming out of my ears by the end of the year!” 

 It’s going to be a fully booked year for the artist and I know she will welcome it with open arms. This year should bring about something completely different from what she’s use to and I wish her the best of luck.  In regards to what the end of year should bring her Charlotte’s response was humble to say the least.

 “That's a tough question... I don't even know what I want out of the year, more than anything I'm hoping everything goes well with the EP release and the gigs I have lined up. To be able to quit my job and gig for a living would be a result aha! Mainly I just want my music to be heard around London, if that happens I will be a happy girl.”

 It’s the kind of response that comes from waning to become more then what they are. And I’m sure a few names could remember that their young response would be exactly the same. Where Charlotte will end up in a few years to come is anybody’s guess. But if executed right and with caution she should be right on par with the names she mentioned that are entering and competing at a drastic rate. It won’t is easy. Check the charts and it’s littered with talent matching her own, but if she believes in herself this girl won’t falter or fall, trust me.

You can listen to Charlotte Turnbull here