I first heard of D.Pierremusic from my friend’s radio station ‘Riddim n Grooves’ where Dominic came along from recommendation from another friend of mine.  He played a few tracks and spoke a-bit about himself and his music. I wasn’t sold at first, although listeners from the station said that his music was catchy. It was when I visited the site that I knew there was something more for me to listen to.

 If ever somebody brought back the late 80’s and early 90’s style/flow it would be ‘Dominic,’ whose high-top shows some reflection to the quirkiness of Christopher Reid from ‘Kid N Play.’ It’s not only the image that has onlookers sprouting that 80’s/90’s fiction, but also that fresh prince of bel air smell that comes through from his press shots and outfits - there’s a sign of individuality; but also a sign of influence that imports this image with the grime of today. It’s a mish and mash of rap that wasn’t back in those days, but represents itself in this day and age. I figured interviewing Dominic would be interesting, as when hearing “Under The Rock” with the lyrics; “I am under the rock, I am under the sun, you don’t know about the circumstances, you don’t know what I’ve been through,” has the somewhat strange effect of bringing back an old church song that went like; “ I am under the rock, the rock is higher than high, Jehovah guide me.” Why that song came to me I do not know? But this song does posses a very clear message to his naysayers and his own journey. As does “All She Wants” and “ Your Love” which is the lyricism around females and intuition of doing for her, and doing for ones own self – and with his new visual out called ‘More’ I’m just there’s more to come from Dominic so read on.


Lyricist, Songwriter, Producer, what more can we add to that repertoire for you Dominic? How about a more personal look at you man?

 More personal, hmmm where to begin? Well I studied video production as well and I was a freelance camera op for a couple years. I have failed a lot which has given me a unique perspective in how I tackle life. For lack of a better word it has bread tenacity in me to keep going on, so that’s what I do.

 Music has always been a great love of mine along with the theatre, opera and dance. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother taking me to theatre and opera shows. I’m also a massive gamer and lover of anime and cartoons - so much so that I have a degree in animation. 

 You’re a manager right?

 I used to be a manager, now I train managers in how to execute great quality food. I balance by being super organized! Its one of the many lessons failing has taught me.


How do you balance the two, and are you willing to sacrifice one for the other?

No im not. I enjoy both so I do both maybe in the future I will but for now I'm content.

 How long have you been doing the music thing?

 I have been perfecting my style; flow, and sound for about 6 years - but my first release was in 2015, but the initial interest started when I was 17.

 What’s your process when producing? Do you produce your own music?

 I do produce some of my own music but I collaborate as well with more established producers. My process really is to let the music "speak to me" largely based on the mood im in at the time of conception. But I have tracks that had a clear structure to them and a desired sound I wanted to achieve like ‘Your Love.’ My whole reasoning for doing music is to make others happy, I’m the kind of person who dances a lot at work, at home, etc. Its all an expression of my inner joy, I like to enjoy life so my aim is to spread that ethos to all. 

 Your track ‘Want it’ sounded familiar, is it a sample from somewhere? Or is this a creation of your own? It was almost like a dance –track.

 ‘Want It’ is not sampled; it was a collaborative creation between myself and producer Jay Roberts. We were deep in a writing session trying out ideas and then I got a hook and we built it from there really. ‘Want It’ was inspired by a night out I had in Wood Green many years earlier. 

 Now you as a songwriter, your tracks: ‘All she wants’ ‘Want it’, and ‘Your Love’ could have me placing you as a romanticist lol? When writing is that where you mainly draw from?

It took me a long time and no small measure of maturity to be fully comfortable with who I was as a person. To not wear the "bad boy" persona like a shield never showing my true self. The first films I watched were musicals like Oliver and Grease so I like love songs. I like to talk about love, love is interesting and full of passion; its unpredictable, it ignores convention, class, boundaries, race, its the driving force that has seen humanity grow so yes I am a romanticist I guess. I draw from my own experiences, things that move me, stories I've heard or been involved in, like, ‘All She Wants’ is about girls I have met and ‘Under The Rock” is about my musical and personal journey. 

 How did you end up collaborating with DeanyBoy?

 I've known Deanyboy for many years now. I first met him as a director and I have edited, shot, and directed many videos for him and others. As he has always done music I one day spoke to him about it and we got in the studio and got to work and  ‘All she wants’ was born. 

 How far are you hoping to go with your music? What’s your plan?

 I’m hoping to take it as far as I can go like I said tenacity is my foundation so I will keep going. At the moment I plan to make music and I’m enjoying that process and mastering my style.

 Any future events we should know about? What are your next moves?

 Lets see future plans? I am planning more visuals, as I like the moving image. I am also putting together my EP, and I’m in talks with A&R's about future projects.