I found myself asking many questions when listening to the music and totality of ‘Oliver,’ firstly, in his photographs the images seem to paradigm a sense of shapelessness – like when Sia covers herself distinctly, although we know what she looks like her art/music is hidden behind different forms of expression and images. Oliver remains hidden behind a veil but seems to allow his music and identity to appear bit by bit as the unravelling of himself comes forth; and I think I caught this guy at the right time when everything is fresh and developing.

 So how did the name, 'Forced Random' come about? How did its existence form? 

FR: I simply didn’t want to use my own name at the time. I’d just finished what I thought was an OK collection of songs that were coherent enough to be let go / released as an EP and I needed a name for it.
I had read somewhere that Steven Drozd and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips had some sort of writing technique called ‘forced random’ which resonated with the music I was making. I didn’t read too much into it and it could be absolute nonsense but it sounded fitting at the time.

How long has it taken you to get to where you are today? 

FR: I started writing under the name Forced Random in 2013, I am always working on things and I tend to commit to little projects (for want of a better word) purely for myself.
It’s important to me that i finish these 'projects' and put some closure to them so i can simply move on to whatever's next. Once you put something online or make the decision that something is finished it’s the ultimate commitment and there’s not much else you can do about it beyond that point.
I guess things are just growing naturally. 

Obviously having people listen to the music and turn up to the shows can only be seen as a good thing, right… 

I mean if I’m honest I half expect nobody to be there when i play or react to the new songs I put online.

 You've supported a-lot of acts in 2015 like Wovaka Gentle, (there has to be more) played a few festivals, even sang vocals for other artists, how has these experience made you feel?

FR: We didn’t do a great deal of shows last year… at this point i think it’s important to pick the right ones and not do everything I'm offered though saying that I have a
good bunch of people around me now who play in the live band and the experience of playing live is growing on me as i used to see it as a way to fuel the song writing and recording.

If you are referring to the tracks i recorded with ‘Waylor’? he’s a good friend of mine and he asked if I’d like to sing on a couple of tracks and it sounded like fun, he is a constant collaborator and has played all three of the EPs… he’s also in the live band.

 Your video for your latest single: 'Go Get It' how would you describe it's vision and meaning?

FR: It was a collaboration with Charlie Nia Dunnery McCracken, she has also created the artwork for all three EP’s along with a video for a song called ‘I’m Still Here If You Want Me’

If you play support slots there is always a feeling that you have to win the audience over and there is always a degree of disinterest shooting back at you from the audience, however sincere the music is... we thought it would be entertaining to highlight that and the contrast between the ‘performer’ and the spectator. 
Some people simply love their mobile phones way too much.

 You have your headlining show for the Parrallel Lines at the Jazz Quarters on March 1st, it's been described as your debut, how are you anticipating this?

FR: Nervously... but we’ll just try and have a good time doing it.

You have another song launching next week, can we have a verbal preview of what it's about?

FR: It’s called ‘I May Believe In Me’ I guess it's an ode to self-belief but people can interpret it however they want.. I like it anyway.

Any finally for the readers do you have any albums coming out for your new fans, any upcoming tours or gigs (etc) that we should know about?

FR: I finished a new EP at the end of last year and that is where these songs are coming from. It’s called 'Overthink Overact Overshare'
The plan is to release it sooner rather than later but there is no fixed date on that just yet. 
I have already started working on what could potentially be a full Forced Random record but I’m going to take my time with that one.

Beyond March the 1st we have no other shows booked but if people keep showing interest in what we are doing I’m sure more will come along and we’ll be there to play them