Lily Oaks debuted her ‘Sometimes’ single 3 months ago on Soundcloud and will slowly but surely build up a repertoire of followers. From last I checked Lily had 184 followers and 357 people hitting the play button on her page; but with the release of her debut album ‘Mama’ being released on April 29th, I have no doubt her social media numbers will raise tremendously.

I hit up Lily for an interview via another form of contact, as I absolutely loved her live performance. I was their reviewing the gig at the Underbelly – Shoreditch and found her to be physically enthralling as her visual for ‘Sometimes’ [directed by Enrico Labriola] was. She was completely masked in character and summoned her own sense of vitality whilst holding on firmly to the mic and singing with her eyes scarcely shut. I find this brings more depth and feeling to the performance, as you become lost not with the crowd but with yourself.  But I was not lost with the questions that I wanted to ask Lily.

 I read that you were a-bit of an old school garage head who sampled and dabbled with music, how long did you do this for? 

I started mixing when I was 15. It came naturally to mix old school garage as that's what made my sister and I bubble. We'd sit for hours and vocally drop in tracks as if each other were a tune. When I got my first set of 12'' turntables, the satisfaction if and when I got two songs in time, made me insanely happy, like I wanted to burst.

I get the same feeling with certain choirs, when their individual parts come together. In that moment, I've gone beyond somewhere into sublimity.

Also, what was your upbringing like with music?


Moving on you talked about the, “removal process” in your music, how do you remove yourself to create what you need to/what steps do you take?

When I feel something important, creatively, to expose the Real aspect of what I've felt, from paper to production there’s a constant process of elimination. It's harder to do less, than to fill. I try to enhance an emotive space by using the least components necessary for the sentiment to materialize, without fillers.

Maybe it's all in my head, as I cannot explain how a feeling becomes a certain sound or one instrument and not another but that’s the beauty.

Your lead single ‘Sometimes’ was directed by: Enrico Labriola. What was it like working with him? Did you have any input or idea of what the video would be about?

Enrico Labriola is such a beautiful man, with a gentle spirit but knows exactly what he wants. He heard 'Sometimes' and wanted to convey 'light & dark', as the song is about conscience and one's subconscious. Sonia Nava styled the whole shoot and her and I chose the location, Enrico 'saw' the rest.

Your debut album ‘Mama” is eagerly awaited for many, how much blood and sweat went into this from you? To what songs should be used (etc.)?

You could say that each song is relative to that time, a stage in what I feel and process as a person. 'MAMA' is very open and raw, so yeah, shit loads. That’s a lyric of mine, 'Forever to grant you blood'.

Could you take us through the songs on your EP? Is this permitted?

I could but don't want to. Those experiences remain precious to me.

Any upcoming shows, tours that we should know of?

I just finished a mini UK tour, but next up is 'The Islington' 10th May, 'The Social' 7th June and a few in-between, all info should be online.