You describe yourself as not just any ordinary artist and the name Mezurashii itself means unusual or rare, so what is it that you feel is so unusual and rare and why do you feel that it’s important to let people know that you are so different?

 I think for a lot of people it is difficult to pin point me as an artist because my vocal range is so wide, a lot of the time people hear my stuff and they’re very surprised by the voice that comes out they don’t expect to hear what they hear, secondly as a female I have a very gender fluid vibe so people who don’t know me aren’t completely sure what my gender is. I’m just one of those artists, I’d rather tick every box or tick none at all, so you can compare me to so many different artists, you can compare me to Rihanna to some extent, to Beyonce to some extent because I am still female but at the same time you can compare me to the likes of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Because I have the ability to switch and I don’t think there are many artists out there that are really doing that or are able to do that to the same level that I’m doing. In terms of the important of letting people know I’m different, throughout my life I’ve always struggled, I always wanted to fit in and I always tried to be like everybody else.  If I wasn’t like a Beyonce or wasn’t like a Rihanna I didn’t think I was worth anything,  so now to be happy that I’m not like anyone else it means I’m just me and people respond to that and are inspired by that. Even if they don’t like my style they’re inspired by the fact that I’m representing who I am and I don’t care that I’m not like anyone else.

IT says on your bio that you were born in Ghana and raised in the UK, being of two cultures do you think that influences you musically?

I wouldn’t say it influences me but it gives me and understanding and an appreciation of different styles of music. So obviously when I hear the afro beats I can still ride to it because I was born and raised listening to it so that bits in me, but it means the ability is there to appreciate that different cultures do different things, they like different they dislike different things so  if you were to approach me with some Brazilian or something French or something from a completely different culture, I can appreciate how we might see it and how it’s important not to judge people because we’re all different.

Can you tell me about your upcoming EP?

IT wasn’t planned in a way I started recording back in 2014 and at that time I was just banging out tracks, there was no structure. I’d just go into the studio and say ‘Oh I like this lets do something like that’ and ended up with about ten tracks with no structure. I kept going, so I was going to call it an EP but I’ve decided to call it more of a mix tape now because it’s just a blend of different genres, so rather than have it try and fit it one box it shows my ability be able to do different types of genre and different types of sounds. So it’s going to be a mix tape first, but hopefully the follow up will be more my own sound and I’ll be blending  a lot of genres. Just the way I am with my vocals where people can’t say ‘oh yeh that’s definitely RnB’ or ‘that’s definitely pop’. It’s all a work in progress but I think what I put out will be able to touch different people in different ways.

You just dropped the single ‘Broken’ can you take me through the song and the video a little bit?

 Broken was actually the last track I recorded with my main producer Moses and I heard some electronic dance music that was coming out from Diplo and people like that and I thought I haven’t got anything like that, so I said to Moses my producer ‘I want something a bit like this where I can put a Drake vibe to it’ when I told him I wanted a track like that and I showed him he was like ‘that’s not Drake’ but then I explained to him that what I mean by Drake was  that I wanted to show my ability to do low vocals.

So he made the beat I wrote it to allow my vocals to sink quite low and at the time I was trying to meet up with a friend that kept letting me down, every week she’d be like ‘let’s meet up and go for a drink’ and the next week would come and she’d be like ‘oh I’m busy’ so basically Broken is based on that sort of friendship where you’re always telling me you want to see me, yet you don’t see me. So I put that kind of anger and frustration into Broken so the verse is more subdued and calm and then in the chorus where the beat drops that’s where you kind of let the frustration go.

The video we were initially going to shoot it in a rundown house and have two personalities, a masculine one and a really feminine one, but we lost the location so when we found this graffiti covered building we thought that it worked much better because the track is more urban as opposed to comfortable.  so we found a derelict building and we think the building represents the song a bit more because it’s a bit more structured but at the same time quite broken down and derelict, and we had the split personalities where in the verse I’m more calm and then the chorus I’ve got a bit of monster make up just to show the two different sides to the song.

Listening to your Soundcloud a good few of your songs have a late 90’s RnB slow jam feel to them, were you particularly influenced by music at this time in your life?

I’ve always loved RnB more than anything, I will always be an RnB chick, what happened was that those batches of songs were from the first recordings I did with Moses when I was going to the studio and picking tracks and sounds that I liked. So I was picking the likes of Chris Brown some Justin Bieber tracks so mostly Bieber and Brown influences and that’s how we first started so that was my initial sound so as I said because there was no structure to it I was just picking songs that I liked at the time. I’d go into the studio and have a wider range of musical references, I might draw on something from the fifties, or I might reference two tracks and say ‘oh I like the drum beat from this but I like the synth in here’ and then blend it, so that was sort of the beginning of Mezurashii and to learn my potential and sound.

How do you feel as a musician growing adapting growing as an artist, learning, how important do you think all of that is?

I think it’s just as important to grow as an artist as it is to grow as person, so I think the more you grow as a person the more you learn about different things. The things I’ve learnt most recently is that everyone’s got an opinion and just because I don’t like your opinion  doesn’t mean it’s wrong it’s just the way you see things,  its taught me to accept a lot of people even if I don’t like what they’re saying. I know there are a lot of people that are anti-gay and stuff and I’m not saying that’s right or anything; it’s just that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion at the end of the day. I mean I can see things from other people’s perspectives, like if you don’t like gay people for example, okay I wouldn’t go around bashing them or being really negative towards them because that’s just their opinion. So for me as an artist as well I think life experiences help you to write about it, and to help people see things from your perspective.  I think from the last few months I’ve gained a lot of, I wouldn’t say followers, we call each other family  and they talk to me about their life experiences and everyone’s got a story behind them and it’s not good to judge people , I think growing as an artist is just as important as growing as a person,  the more growing you do as a person the better your potential and the easier it is for you to reach out to people. Music is one of the only things in the world that can connect people so this is why I want to try and use music to spread the constant message of being yourself and respect other people’s opinions.

How do you feel about becoming a role model for other people that may feel as you used to?

To be honest that’s what drives me, there was a point in my life where I would be browsing on Instagram or something and I would see celebrities come forward as gender fluid and I didn’t know what gender fluid was until I read about Ruby Rose being gender fluid for example. So I went and researched it and read about it and thought actually maybe that’s me.  I think to inspire and even teach others to be who you are is important. I was lost for a little while and people always say be yourself be yourself and I think you never really know who you are until it hits you, it sort of teaches you who you are and the reason why I do this is because I want to help other people. People message me all the time and say ‘oh I’ve had problems here or problems there’ and I never tell them who to be and I think through them hearing my stories it helps them discover who they are. So being a role model is something I’d really love to achieve definitely, I think a lot of people don’t realise what they’re inspired by , you never know who’s inspiring you until it just happens. I’m just trying to do that by being me being open, because I used to be quite a closed person and I think now I’m open I feel so much freer and so much happier and I think that’s also down to people around me being accepting as well, that’s why I think it’s important not to take on other people’s opinions even if you don’t agree with it because that can cause people to just implode.

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