Otep has been ?yola-link-is-coming=true a firm fixture in the metal world for quite some time building somewhat of a cult following around the world. We caught up with Otep Shamaya herself to talk about the new album 'Generation Doom' which is out now.

M: What barriers have you found in the music industry over your career? 
O: The same barriers most women find in any occupation. I think my lyrics, my strength, my advocacy all get amplified because I’m a woman & it’s almost as if I’m some strange creature emerging from the night and the villagers are so terrified they throw rocks at it. I’m grateful now because so many loyal and passionate fans have joined and continue to join our movement and support our music that those old barriers are starting to show cracks and hopefully one day we will obliterate them completely. 

M: Tell me about the concept of ‘Generation Doom’
O: As a species we stand on the cusp of either changing the world in a real positive direction or falling so far back I don’t know if we’ll ever get back up. We need to unite for what’s best for this planet and the people, not the rich and privileged, not the corporate interests or politicians. We need to fight for our rights to make them permanent. 

M: Do you think the rise in technology has had a negative or positive impact on the music industry?
O: Both. The accessibility is brilliant and wonderful but it comes with a certain responsibility that we must be loyal to the bands that we love so they can continue to make music and not be silenced or influenced by the industry. Sales equal opportunities. 

 M: Why do you think the sale of Vinyl is on the rise? 
O: I love it. Vinyl has its own unique sound. There’s dynamics to it. I’m excited because our first pre-order of GOLD Vinyl sold out on the first day in less than 10 hours. 

M:  What advice would you give to young musicians starting out in the music industry? 
O: Learn the business inside and out so you are armed with the wisdom to protect your career but then focus everything you have on your art and pour all of your life into it. 

M: What would you say have been your biggest mistakes in your career?
O:Trusting the wrong people. Not trusting my own instincts.