How does it feel to be back in London?

Rob Lehane: Good, it’s been ages, how long? About two months!  I feel like it went really well, sounded amazing, I really enjoyed it..

How do you feel about how the day went?

Matt : It went well, I think it’s been really good it’s been really good for black metal in London. We had 8 UK bands on  and we’ve managed to make a serious dent in the underworld. We haven’t sold it out but we’ve made a serious dent in it so yeh absolutely  its been a decent crowd all day  even for the firs band, 4 o’clock  there was like three rows of people moshing down there. So for a Saturday afternoon that aint bad. Black metal is alive in London . It was a good day for Envenomation records our new label..

Care to elaborate about that?

Matt: Well envenomation is our own label.  The bands co-run it. Envenomation music is the company that’s put the event on today with Abgott and Xerath and all the others and of course we put ourselves on and why not!  That’s what it’s all about.

How do you feel about black metal in the UK?

Rob Lehane: Its shit. In the nicest way possible, it’s alright, I think there’s a scene forming now.  There’s something starting to stir, a lot of people have been in touch with me about this and  a lot of people  have asked me this question. Metal hammer asked me ‘what is it with UK black metal and why is it treated so unfairly out in Europe' I  hadn’t actually realised it was until he mentioned that. It’s a interesting point, today’s been about giving UK black metal a front and a name. We've had  journalists from Poland down today, and from all over Europe, there’s also a film crew down. This is UK black metal getting international recognition.

What’s your poison?

Luke Lehane: Well I’ll tell you about this, I’ve been paying for cider all day and then after we played suddenly Matt comes up and offers me this stuff for free! I could’ve got drunk for free! But I didn’t know it was provided! And we didn’t realise till later on. We’ve been buying Abgott towels from a  market and shoes, I bought these shoes today. But we don’t mind we love Abgott its been amazing to support them and the bands that we’ve got today it’s a really good representation of what we wanted to put on. Its a good time for UK Black Metal.

How hard did you find it to break into the music industry? 
Matt: Have we made it? Have we broken in? I still feel like we’re chipping away! For us the internet was a big thing, that helped us a lot. MySpace the whole cliché thing, as a black metal band it’s not really ‘good to say that you started on MySpace but that’s been a good thing for us and I feel like worldwide we've got quite a big fan base.


Any last words for your fan base?

Rob Lehane: Keep the flame of black metal alight and buy the 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' album from anywhere you can find it!