Describe Sanguine

Tarin: Sanguine are space aliens...they come from the planet Awesome to blow your mind.

Nick: A four piece with exceptional mind reading powers and the ability to see everyone naked. We here to take over the world, come peacefully, resistance will not be tolerated.

What do you think of the representation of female fronted metal in the uk as opposed to the rest of the world and where and how do you think Sanguine can take the genre?

Nick: Europe seems to produce more female fronted metal acts but I still don't think there has been anything from the UK that competes in terms of metal. We have the Paramore type female fronted bands which are excellent from the UK, but we haven't yet produced anything that competes for the metal scene. 

Tarin: I think Sanguine is a little bit different compared to other female metal bands, we're metal but we're also rock and we like to mix things up. We like our epic sounds....anything that grabs you in the heart is what Sanguine seeks to achieve, so we try to deliver the big metal tunes as well as the big ballads...we just can't do anything by halfs...anything we do has to come from the soul otherwise we just get bored!

Nick: Yeah and we have an awesome female singer and a damn sexy guitarist...I'm gorgeous helps.

Who came up with the name Sanguine and why?

Tarin: Tom our bassist thought of it after our second practice! - We all liked the double meaning of the word, it originally comes from medieval physiology meaning bloody or "to have blood have your main humor". But it also means cheerful and confident which kind of sums up the bands demeanour, we like heavy blood curdling music as well as being fairly cheerful people.

What do you think about the metal scene in the uk at the moment and how do you think it has changed in the past ten years?

Tarin: Like anything fads come and go but metal has always had it's staple. The metal fans are extremely loyal and passionate people so metal will always have a future in music regardless of what the next fad will be.

Nick: Metal music has always been a comfort to people during times of hardship. Right now we are facing a recession, global warming, over population, increased anxieties, increased depression. Metal music will always bring people together and comfort you when you're on your own, giving you that time to just forget your worries and know that a kick ass guitar riff is enough to lighten the load for a while.

With an ever changing music industry, how have had to do things differently in terms of record production, touring and getting your music out there?

Tarin: It's been really hard for bands over the last ten years to adjust to the fact that your record sales just don't register any more with downloads taking over. It's not a bad thing it just means that the industry has had to adjust and find itself again. It caused lots of record companies to lose big money and I think that made them a lot nervous about investing in new bands. Whilst on the other hand you've now got bands doing it themselves, going DIY because they can now self record and launch their own careers on the internet just like we did. The best thing about being DIY is that you gain overall artist control, no holes bared it's all you.

Nick: Gone are the days that you could make an album do one tour then sit back on your laurels waiting for the record sales to roll in. Nowadays you have to tour non-stop, promote yourself non-stop, it's hard work but it's no different to the early days like when Elvis started out...nobody could afford records then so you made your money from tours!

Tarin: If you love what you do then none of this actually is a drug you do it for the love of it.

You were recently interviewed by Total Rock Radio at Download. How have you found the media response and how do you feel the band has been embraced by other bands and artists in the industry?

Tarin: Everyone has been great. Our first self titled Sanguine album which we released back in February this year has received rave reviews. We ended up playing Download...I worked with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden on his side project Primal Rock Rebellion...

Nick: As if that wasn't enough we got invited to play with Megadeth at the Electric Ballroom in London....again another amazing experience. Everyone has been really supportive and I think the songs speak for themselves. Our live performances have always blown people away because I think we deliver the unexpected.

Finally, where is Sanguine going now, in terms of touring and recording?

Tarin: We're off to Sweden for a month to record our next album with Producer Daniel Flores and ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad. It's going to be amazing! I'm so excited I think I might actually pop! It's incredible, we've got some exceptional songs waiting to be recorded.

Nick: Yeah the Swedes know how to do it...bring on the meatballs and metal!

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Videos: - 'For Love' - 'Live,Consume, Drive'