How do you feel about the mass closure of small venues in the UK?

Whoah, how did that happen?  It happens a lot in the states too, my prediction is people are going to have to go back and do more DIY kind of shows again.  There’s going to be a mid to large influx house shows, warehouse shows, basement shows or ‘parties’.  I don’t know though, I really hope that doesn’t happen for death metal and to the scene because if people have nowhere to play and for bands the ultimate goal is to sell out, you can’t immediately jump to a medium sized venue if there’s no like stepping stone, so I hope that doesn’t bode negatively for people coming up with bands and everything.

How do you feel about the rise in live performances within the music industry in terms of making an income?

I think it’s always been that way it’s just now it’s more pronounced because no one’s buying anything. Touring was always the thing to do if you were to have any sort of chance of having an income.  You were going to have to go out there and sell T-shirts and hopefully do it long enough to where you can build a guarantee up so when you split it between you it can be something to contribute to your overall income.  All four of us have jobs outside of this, so after this tour I go back to work for a few days and come right back and what I’ve done more recently is I’ll l take a day or two breather then go right back into it. That’s the thing, tour tour tour, come home go back to work. It’s one of those things you have to accept as part of the game you can’t stop. It makes me think, if I did have something resembling a vacation how would I handle that? Would I be the guy furiously having to need something to do? If you’re very wise and thrifty with your money, maybe next year you could live off of it, but you’d have to be very very thrifty and unfortunately we live in a part of the states in southern California that’s extremely expensive, so the cost of living and housing means everyone has to have a side thing. You have to have something else, you can never survive solely of this, if you do good for you but…I can’t.

How do you feel about streaming sites and the affect they have on working musicians?

One of my friends, their band had nearly five million plays on Spotify and they just got a check for a thousand dollars so hmmmm. I know you’re technically getting royalties from it but the .0001 less than a cent on each play hurts.  I buy a lot of my music through Bandcamp nowadays so in that way it works out at like a dollar per song or whatever they’re asking you just pay what you like.  But that has opened up things, some bands I might not have heard them before and I’ll voluntarily buy their music. So I think that’s helpful but as far as the rest, I think a lot of these companies do the least they possibly can to compensate musicians. In any way it’s still the wild west out there legislation can’t  come fast enough  to cover all these copyright violations on the song.  I don’t think it’s a battle that can be won or even really that we can arrive at a point where we can feel even remotely fairly compensated for the amount of time and emotional energy you are never going to be compensated, it just might be nice.

Where has been your favourite place to tour?

Um, we’ve been fortunate we’ve done a lot, Australia was really good. When we were over here in March with Suffocation that was probably our best year of touring, it was fantastic, were buddies with those guys so it helps being around that environment.  In the US we’ve toured a lot as well there’s good cities but maybe because its home to us. I mean we love playing over here as well, but I think all of us would agree that Australia been the best, Mexico is crazy too; they have some of the craziest fans, in the best possible way. They live and die for metal, its positive thing, they are just so passionate and that’s one thing I really like it reminds me of how you felt when you first heard metal that voracious excitement is super inspiring and it’s good to see that in so many places. We get a bit spoiled and just see bands whenever we want or see them next time, whereas they are there and super excited.

Are there any bands that you’ve recently discovered that’s you’re excited about?

I wish I had my iPod, it’s more a few labels and I go through all of their stuff, someone will suggest a band and I check what label they’re on and go through it all and do little Bandcamp sessions and pluck bands out. More recently there’s a label called Fallen Empire from Oregon in the states and they have a lot of really cool stuff its mostly black metal but very unique takes on it, it’s not all traditional, they still do atmospheric Icelandic sounding stuff but it’s also very dark and interesting black metal, I do enjoy orthodox elements of black metal but there are new flavours of fucked up that I enjoy too.