What is a stick-man? Preferable sets of lines that connect to make a figure come together that resemble some form of a being, an outline and a creation! Something plain and simple, or something used when you cannot really draw at all. Stick-men are hung in hangman and stick men are used as lazy assassins that terminate and shoot, if anybody can recall the games from some android phones? Christabel and Steve have found a more humane way of using the word “stick-men” and it congregates a meaning that many forget: The meaning of connectivity that lacks no colour, race, or title - they just formed together to create a band, and a duo with much to say, and there is much to say from the get go.

 The track that will be familiar via their sound cloud page is ‘Roland” it is a heart-wrenching intake on the ideals of love, and trying to come to terms with the truth. It is raw, true, and an instant message to many. Christabel and Steve take delight in the randomness of naming songs, as ‘Roland’ was a random suggestion/name that stuck with the pair of them and worked. The pair have kindly answered a few questions during their spare time and I am duly grateful to have had the opportunity to hear them live via a birthday event (friend of a friends) and to follow their steps as they plan to release an Ep, and plan to gig in the fore-coming future.  It’s a studious time for the pair as studio time is where their arses are.  

 I wanted to talk about the coming together of the band and how it formed. “The duo ‘Stories of Stickmen” how was it formed/created? Was does the name mean?”

Steve replied that: “I think it first started when I was supporting a few friends at an open Mic night during university. Christabel came over at the end and we got to chatting about music and it turns out we liked a lot of the same stuff! After that we started talking about jamming together.”

 Christabel agreed accordingly and said that, “Yeah agreed, we got talking and just clicked. The jamming process started from there really, we just didn't stop. It got a bit more serious when our friend asked us to write a song for her wedding and it spurred us on to write more. The idea behind the name 'Stories Of Stickmen' is that the word Stickmen is representative of all people you know like in school when you just draw stickmen to represent people? It didn't matter about gender, race, shape or size; they just all looked the same. So we wanted our band name to reflect what we want our music to do, which is tell stories of people”

 I approached Christabel during the winding down of the night, well in truth I got my friend to go over to her. “I was introduced to your music via a live performance you did (can’t remember the venue) and it made me want to approach you; have you done many live performances before? You seemed at ease on the stage.”


Steve: “Thanks for that! I can assure you whenever on stage, my mind is running a million miles an hour, like a kid so excited by a new toy he's unsure what to do with it first! Though to be honest we've done a lot of shows at university, both together and separately so I guess it's one of those things where you learn to have at least a reasonably controlled stage presence

What to do with it first! Though to be honest we've done a lot of shows at university, both together and separately so I guess it's one of those things where you learn to have at least a reasonably controlled stage presence. “

 I then moved onto ‘Roland” wanting to find out more about this track and its name. “What’s circulating for you now is ‘Roland’ am I correct? What and who is Roland?”

 Christabel truthfully replied, “Right a true confession about the name ‘Roland’, we have got into a weird habit of naming our songs randomly, literally no reason why. I put it down to us overthinking about the names of the songs. In fact this song was originally called 'Randal through the looking glass’.... but over time it changed to Roland. We kind of name them when they're in their most bear form, like a melody or guitar line. Just to be sure we remember them, but with the intent to change them later on. But Roland just stuck, we never changed it. That being said a lot of people have said they can relate to the song so Roland can be anyone who's made someone feel that way!”

 And I was filled with a certain interpretation to the song.  “I heard the track and I was simply filled with a sense of longing and even despair. Like there was some sort of re-growth needed to heal. Am I right in my interpretation? Or is that completely wrong to its meaning?”

 Their mutual response was, “WOW! Love that it made you feel that way; yes there is definitely an element of healing in there and longing. It is the sense of realizing and reflecting on the relationship you had with someone. Its very matter of fact, there’s no reading between the lines and the feelings are very raw. But it is also about how you have since healed from it so you can easily be matter of fact about what went on. “

 The mutual response continued as the pair continued answering my next set of questions. You’ve been doing a-lot of studio time (etc.) are you in the mode of writing/producing music? What is ‘Stories of Stickmen’ planning?

 Christabel and Steve’s response was that, “It's actually a really exciting time for us. For months we've been banking ideas and concepts. We have this huge whiteboard of song ideas, each with different concepts behind them, different levels of progression.”

 “The challenge has been choosing the strongest few to take into the studio to lay down properly, although it's a nice challenge to have! That being said we think we've got a good plan to finish the stragglers with the ultimate goal of piecing together an EP to be released in the not too distant future! We also aim to be gigging very soon.”

With the pair in such ambitious spirits it seemed fair to ask them about the competition out there.  “There is so much music out there, what are you hoping to bring to the table as I simply feel you are going to be bringing something fresh?’

 The pair in agreement responded with, “FRESH! We like that. Very true there is so much out there and great music too! I think for us we don't really give ourselves boundaries or boarders, we simply make what we feel at that time. We both listen to a wide range of musical genres so are influenced by so much. Our music pretty much reflects that but with our own twist on it all. That makes us unique, as you just don't know what you will hear next from us. We like to play with the sound or vibe of the song as it progresses making it, hopefully, interesting to listen to. If people are doing that already we hope to share that platform with them, if not, then we are definitely brining that to the table. No boarders, just music that crosses over a number of genres. “

 It was a nice treat to correspond with Steve and Christabel as I feel there is plenty afoot for the pair to subdue to. It’s that excitement and spark, like a new equation to an uncompleted number that just needs a few more additions. Steve and Christabel are like a new addition, placing themselves with no rush at all, but a steady pace for the days to come. I finished with this last question: “Lastly, any open mics, material, you-tube shizz we should be made aware of? Let us know!”

 “Currently no planned open mics as of yet but we'll be looking to play our music live super soon, so. Watch this space! In the meantime we're on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube so as we post new material all of those things will be kept up to date. You can also track our progress through the recording process by tuning into our Twitter / Facebook pages and subscribing to the YouTube page. “

Here are the links:

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearesostickmen/

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearesostickmen

 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wearesostickmen

 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25EisjkQ0xeBDV8BFS-lEA

 I eagerly advise you to keep in touch with this duo, as there is a trumpet sounding for a unity that places colour as a has-been and none-existent boundary, which should be present in music, as well as everything else. So please stay tuned into the: ‘Stories of Stickmen.’