How long have you been making music and what do you think your main influences are?

I have been making music since the age of the age of 12 , my main influences are Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. I loved Michael Jackson as he reached so many people and was very versatile with the music he created also i loved his alternative looks and dance moves. I also grew up with a family of brothers and a sister who listened to every kind of music from reggae to rock music.

Where would you like to be as a musician and producer in the future, what is your goal?

I would like to have released at least 3 successful albums, I would also like to work with top 40 artists producing music for them and I would love to tour Europe and the USA

What has been your best gig experience, either performing or watching?

My favourite gig would have to be Cannibal Corpse @ the forum in 2009. I loved the bands stage presence and energy,  how they really brought together the fans and audience and how they treated there fans like friends not just fans who are below them.

Any words for young musicians and producers?

Always give 150% to your music, and people will hear your music and appreciate your hard work and love the things you create. Also networking and promotion is key, so be nice and make sure as many people as possible hear your songs and come to your performances, your dreams don’t happen unless you make them.