How do you think the band has grown?

A lot of things have changed in the past nine years. Back then everything was ten times easier, everything was more pure. Now, the music industry is not like it used to be, even with album distribution you have to work harder to get hard copies, White Label was very successful and we did loads of tours, were still playing songs from White Label. We have grown and gone for bigger producers for the second album, musically our song writing has changed a lot, its more song based, its heavier its more technical, its more drum and bass. We’ve had to learn lots of programming to get that sound right. It’s not easy because it’s not like we can just connect our amps and play. We’ve learnt a lot musically in terms of direction, where were going to take it. The second album should put us in a very good position again. It should be very successful hopefully, it will be coming anytime between September and December. We’ve just written a song called Disintegrate for the new album, were playing with Decapitated on the 29th June for the benefit show. Since White Label we’ve had a few line-up changes, only the bass player, the vocalist and one of the guitarists are original members. People left or had to get kicked out. Times passed as well, which hasn’t helped us. Life hasn’t been that easy for Ted Maul to be honest, we’ve had loads of problems in the past with illness and things, its pushes us back, it’s been difficult for us. We’re not rich kids, we’ve had to sacrifice everything that we have to do this band. The new stuff is more intense extreme metal mixed with jungle ad drum and bass as possible. 

 What do you think about the Metal scene in the UK

 I don’t know, I think its lacking a lot; it’s not what it was ten fifteen years ago. You used to get bands destroying venues and destroying London. It’s different now, it’s not the same, it doesn’t have the same vibe, the music has changed a lot. These days, big and successful bands are people that, to be honest don’t know how to play music, they’re people that just know how to play their instruments. They’re lucky to be in these bands. Everything in London has gone up as well, even to rehears its already nearly 300 quid. It’s really hard, especially if you’re doing it yourself with no major label to help you out with money. Then again you do get good gigs here and there, so I think it’s all worth it. I’ve met loads of dickheads in the industry and really false people. It’s all fucked up