Abgott ‘God fathers In Black- album review


The beasts of black metal are back. With an album so terrifyingly heavy it will make your ancestors’ ears bleed from beyond the grave. This album, entitled ‘Godfathers in Black’ has everything you crave from a decent black metal album. It doesn’t ask for you permission, it takes it.  Personally I felt like my virginity had been replaced and brutally stripped from me as I listened to songs such as ‘Obscure Renaissance’ and ‘Shinning Insomniac’.

For those that don’t know Abgott all that well, they are one of the more prominent bands on the Black Metal scene, with fans all over the world; they are noted for making and performing no nonsense, extreme Black Metal. However the main reason I believe, Abgott are so good and have so many fans worldwide is because they manage to incorporate so many different elements of other genres and styles in their music.  This is most evident in this album, with elements of vampyric goth and undertones of classic rock they have created a classic album. One that people will still be listening to for the first time in twenty years’ time.  A progressive, black metal album.

All my emotions and senses are tingling listening through this album. Its as if everything I’ve every touched, tasted and treasured have all come back at once for me to experience again. And you’ll feel this too when you listen to the album. Buy it, volt it up and listen.