‘My mother thinks that I’m on drugs… and I can’t bear to tell her that she is right!’... THIS will be the anthem of the summer. And if its not, I won’t just eat my hat, I’ll chew it, regurgitate it and eat it again! The ever so slightly controversial song entitled ‘ My mother thinks that I’m on drugs’ Is part sung part belted out by Anastasia Brindley on her debut EP. 

With song titles such as ‘Insane’, a song about, well, INSANITY and the virtues of talking to yourself. With heavy yet fun bass lines and vocals reminiscent of Panic! At the Disco with a hint of femininity. With her large vocal range she demonstrates her softer more vulnerable side on the song ‘Shivers’ (which is a personal favourite),  a modern take on a love song which is more about the physical reactions to a person rather than that sentimental/emotional/pleasedontleavemeI'lldie hubbub that’s been thrust at the general population for the last 40 years. On the whole the EP is a good listen, it’s different, but more importantly its refreshing. Not just because her lyrics are genuine and mirror the thoughts and feelings of many a personin these dark times of blue. Nor because her vocals are ballsy, widely ranged and she hasnt been plucked, pulled, yanked and polished by some brand making machine label. And not even because there’s a massive lack in auto-tune (whch is a rarity now days). No, the main reason why this EP’s so great is because its puts the fun back into music. It’s not pretentious, it’s not following in with the current trend in music, it hasn’t been made for a cause. It just, is. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a summer full of festivals and has catchy songs with choruses made to be sung by a crowd on a sunny day in the middle of a field. It’s a grass roots, simple yet effective, leaves you wanting more sort of EP. Watch this space, Anastasia Brindley will gigging this year on the run up to and beyond the summer.


Her full Ep is available for download from her Soundcloud here http://soundcloud.com/anastasia-brindley