BB Biscuit is a French artist settling in London who’s genre spanning body of work can take you back decades or propel you into the future track by track. With an interesting song writing style and an ear for the unusual BB Biscuits new EP seems to take us through a musical diary, allowing us to feel her deepest secrets.  Her new EP ‘The Black T Shirts’ is out now.

The first track on the EP, Fiction has a deep intro, softer vocals than I’m used to for this artist, taking a new direction from the artist’s usual themes. This song has a complex layering system designed to make you feel the meaning of the song even if you aren’t paying attention. The mechanical sounds in the background throughout the entire song give it’s a sense of marching, struggling through, with no deviation. With the vocals singing very matter of factly about something very important to us all. Almost apocalyptic in style, this song creates a sense of impending doom with no escape, which the vocalist is resigned to.

Try harder, this song takes us down a completely different road, faster, with slightly thrashy drums and guitar riffs more suited to a late 90’s metal band. With an intro reminiscent of very early Radiohead, the guitar work on this song is impeccable and the vocals repeat phrases that only accentuate the beauty of the song.   A recurring theme of the sound of marching trailing off at the end, this is a very short song which could have benefitted from a minute or two more to hear how the song could have progressed.

We all like you better when you’re drunk- this song with a title more reflecting of early Dresden Dolls, a new direction as we enter acoustic territory. Taking on a nineties vibe this song sounds more Irish alt rock than anything I’ve heard in recent years, taking such a dark theme and creating a safe atmosphere to explore it, track after track this EP takes the listener through a range of emotions and genres showing BB Biscuits versatility and vulnerability. This entire EP is not only very  well produced but also constructed in such a way that it allows you to feel someone else’s thoughts through your ears objectively, amongst the to’s and fro’s of emotion and angst, the music that’s been produced on this EP is both reminiscent yet new.