The Dying illusion -Candlemass    

The song 'The Dying Illusion' by Candlemass off the 'Chapter VI' album is nothing less than a master piece of a song which shows the world that the band have always had a deep insight to music writing and will never lose it despite critics saying that doom metal artists write meaningless forgetful music. Recorded in 1992 it won the band there first ever Swedish Grammy award and was self produced. The meaningful and relatable lyrics are seamlessly poured into your soul by Robert Lowe (Vocalist) and the string of unforgettable solos leave a permanent impression in your brain. The title 'The Dying Illusion' does not however leave little to the imagination as to what the song means unlike many of Candlemass’ other track titles on that album. With its ingenious riffs and graceful solos this song breaks boundaries within the doom metal genre that was created and named after Candlemass' Debut album 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus'. This song is  well known among Candlemass and Doom metal fans alike with it's soul penetrating chorus followed by an eye watering solo . It is proof enough that there are musical genii that walk among us.