I’m not a big fan of acoustic acts and its clear if you know me, however Charlie Leavy’s song 'The Way 
Life Is’ is surprisingly, excruciatingly, good. Her voice is stunning and has a lot of soul which is increasingly rare when it comes to acoustic artists unfortunately, but what can you do. 

The lyrics are clear and understandable and she sings it with such sway that it makes you want her to sing for you, personally. It’s rare that I get excited about acoustic acts but she made my ears prick up even with the poppy structures. Every added element gives the EP depth and it is by no means just another album by a singer song writer.

 I’d like to see her live and I’d like to hear her belt  out a  song as it sounds to me like she’s holding something back,  all the way back. I would love to hear her sing something bigger, on stage with the loudest microphone you can find in the western world. The second song isn’t my favourite but still shows her unique and adaptable voice, the lyrics are very relatable,

  The entire EP from the ballads to the more upbeat songs all have such charm and at times sounds a bit poppy, like early Bieber poppy but the passion in her voice overcome any negative views I may have on certain songs’ writing styles. I‘m fucking falling in love with her voice, song after song.

 Most of the songs on this EP have the charisma of someone who’s head over heels in love and doesn’t know what to do which makes it all the more relatable because unfortunately we’ve all been there at some point.  

Charlie Leavy’s voice has hints of Jacqui Abbott at times with beautiful harmonies that work in perfect balance with her guitar work. Her passion is unrelenting through each song on the new EP, I hope to see her progress and I expect to see a lot more of her in the future. 


You can listen to ‘The Best Damn Ride’  and other songs here