‘The Clash’ is calling this a bold return from miss Fifi Rong but I see this EP as another claim to the intrinsic aura of miss Fifi Rong. If you see the line-up of previous albums that have curtained her walls from; ‘Violently Silently, Wrong, Next Pursuit, and now Forbidden Desire’ you’ll see the artists desire to dip in and out of genres technically - plugging into her songs electronica elements, as well as harnessing a new sound that she once quoted in an interview with me as, “Her eastern and western influences.” There is definitely a foray of flavor when hearing ‘Forbidden Desire.


Track 1 – Forbidden Desire: The track begins with a numbing heartbeat within the first few seconds of the song that is then broken with a small bird-like whistle that evaporates as miss Rong’s vocals comes into the track and begins the process of an on-going consistency of electronica mixes upon the track. Her voice is haunting and dark in some sense; but the track itself has the bearing of an outdoor expenditure. When it reaches 2:10 the more obvious eastern influence takes over and the pitch rises with the flute like instrument rising as her voice does, then lowering slightly as her voice does as well - then returning back to the consistent instrumental that plays throughout.


Track 2 – Holy: This track has a simple piano key structure when it starts off with Fifi seemingly being surrounded by a mistily voiced echo in the back that slowly evaporates into a repetitive echo that starts of a new drumbeat. After this has been exchanged the track doesn’t change much in it’s instrumental, with the clear piano keys being dimmed in volume; and the drum beat becoming more a leading element for the song as it nears the end. When it reaches an almost near ending mid-point there is a slight under-tone of (sub-genre) within another genre but it lasts for only a brief few seconds and may go unnoticed to some other ears I suppose. The ending has it playing out as she harmonizes “OooooooH” with a mix and match of the instrumentals used and her vocals tuning in and out as the song reaches it’s climax. 


Track 3 – You Hurt Me: My favorite track on this EP as it just seeps through with this feeling of being in the outer space of it all. Like you can hear the raindrop ripples, and the Amazonian clicking and ticking of whatever inhabits that track. Fifi’s vocals also are very clear and precise and she uses a limited amount of lyrics in this song, which makes the surrounding sounds more important for the track, as there is much mixing and sampling to substitute for that. I can see her vocals being used for a remix, as it’s so few.


Track 4- Forbidden Desire (Turnipbeet Remix) This track is another favorite of mine with much emphasis on the instrumental and less on the vocals. It adds a different flavor to the track as Forbidden desire (original track) is more peaceful and foreign; but the remix is more a westernized account, making it more of a common track to listen to, with the heavy/deep drumbeats now causing my head to nod in sync with what I’m hearing.


The Forbidden Desire EP is well in accordance with her other projects/work and loses so terminology of the Eastern sound. If anything, comparing her new EP is more or less full of elements that place you within a frame of mind that is cultured, like your hearing the instruments of China, or Japan, or the many winged creatures that fly through the skies chirping away hidden. There are many echoes of the voice, and also the use of dragging it through (highly pitched) until you hear it no more. She uses this more often then in her previous EP’s but still stays close to the messages of failed love, the desire of the heart, and the feeling of self. Way more experimentation than usual, with the remixed track placing the ‘Forbidden Desire’ track as something that can be danced/moved to. Fifi’s music isn’t really one where you can cut shapes to, but it is music you can deeply listen to if you appreciate what her music is about.