Fire are a five piece  female fronted metal band from Southend who’s fresh take on female fronted metal  is probably going to give Battlelore and Epica a run for their European money.

 Fire at Dawns ‘Parasite’ starts off with some of the cleanest ethereal vocals I’ve heard since Battelores ’Evernight’ album. Just as you’re getting used to it the rest of the band turn up and change the game. With a very groovy guitar lick moving its way around the crowd with you and vocals much louder and stronger than we were promised during the intro this song gets off to a great start, leaning away from the Lacuna Coil-esque wall than many bands in the same genre tend to lend themselves to this song has something for everything, simplistic in its delivery yet incredible effective musically. The song has also been very well produced and I can hear few Slipknot influences in there (which makes me feel old) The vocalist has a much stronger voice than this this song is allowing her to show which leads to me to believe that Fire at Dawn have a long future ahead of them within the metal scene in the UK. I’m definitely going to keep a very close eye on this band as they inevitably progress.

You can listen to Fire At Dawn on their various social media sites here