HappyMeal Ltd


Put aside the association with the fast food chain and picture a band lathered in all the modifications of a punky la mode vision that had the lead singer - blonde and shirtless, seductively seducing the mic like a Marilyn Manson in his prime; with the ramifications of the industrial/alternative rock band called ‘Orgy,’ whose pop but not fashion style sort of reminded me of the Happy Meals who each spread out onto the stage like an iguana or chameleon of difference.


I figured I could come up with a mini review based around the gig which had them covering the 4 piece main act called ‘Shark Dentist;’ whose debut, “Stranger/Bin Man, released from Ra-Ra Rok Records - is something definitely reflecting the teenage angst and struggles that these young lads face. Their punkish ethic definitely reflected the bands that stood before them at the Shackelwell on the 23rd and Campbell (member of Shark dentist – vocalist) also promotes bands of his taste using the name, ‘Black Cat White Cat.’ So the Happy Meal stood amongst this young crowd like a punkish treat waiting to evaporate before them as the lead vocalist screamed and wailed in contortion with the one tune I can fathom “Johanna,’ as the bands others followed in quick succession.  The band rocked on hard, and even supplied supportive back up to the obvious star that stood upon that stage, the lead singer. They had the capability of filling the room as more appeared from the main pub floors to hear the commotion in the room where the majority inhabited.


To describe the lead singers movements on stage I’d have to take you to the scene of Silence of the Lambs where the serial killer is revealing for the first time his sexuality and his semi-completed transformation into a woman. If you watch the sensual movements as he touches his thin body and revels himself with the words, “ I would **** me so hard, I can honestly account the lead vocalist moving in such a manner that was something I hadn’t seen for awhile. The flamboyancy of this guy led me to believe that 2016 could do with a little Queen/Freddy Mercury. The music and image are completely different from Queens but this guy managed to consume my time and energy with his stage antics that had him: leaning forward like he was out of it with the mic, creating a mosh pit in the center, and hyping the room with his loud cries of voice carnage that sounded like incomprehensible slurs, and noises from a heavy metal video animated and full of multiple sounds (the band.)


The HappMeal LTd as as conspicuous as Sia tries to be - and even when approaching him after this performance  I knew it wouldn’t be an easy mission. Researching the band only led me to an empty soundcloud page, an interview on NME that had the writer seemingly unable to gather much for sources on their music and releases, and me coming up short with an offer of an interview for RetrogradeInversion.co.uk. One social media source that did offer some lea way was their tumbler page: http://happymealltd.tumblr.com/ which although strange seems very much them.

Grotesque and homo-erotic images that may strike and offend some, or arouse the sensation of eurgh but let me find out more. That is an example to express Happy Meal Ltd as a whole, “ What the…… but maybe just a little more.”