“What’s on at the Hootananny?” Is a familiar question I’m asking myself as I reminisce a few days back at the performance of Amy Tru And Johnny Voltik. The Hootanannay never disappoints, and his performance alongside Amy Tru for the refugees in Calais (hosted by Mic Righteous) was one that deserved a few notes in their back pockets as I felt a sudden pinged of regret for witnessing something so powerful and dynamic for free.

Amy Tru is a tru hip hop climber with a slight cockiness and confidence that pans through with her simple swagger and tongue in cheek charm. She has recently come out with a new EP; and has been a pioneer for collaborating with the likes of - Benjamin Zephaniah, supported Mos Def, Slum Village, and even Public Enemy. Her efforts with supporting charitable acts is far-reached- so it doesn’t surprise me to see her doing a show like this, and giving it her all. I’ve been in contact with Amy via twitter, and she even agreed to do an interview with me that I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of months ago, I will re-submit the link to that article for those who want to find out more on this artist.

 Amy’s performance was rare and genuine. She pondered and pounded the stage with her hefty voice and for a slightly short woman made herself seem tall. The drummer, who I literally believe can play anything, kept up with the energy of what was upon that stage as Amy leapt through tracks with a determination to be listened to. Amy was lost in her own self – but was still able to sit down upon a chair and sing/mc her heart out with content, it was something I will not forget  -and wish you could have been there, because the room was truly alive! She mentioned the EU, and her sense of humor would not go amiss, she was a 9/10 that night.

 Johnny is a US artist who has taken to London to be seen and heard. And for some dry humor, “I heard somebody who most definitely has no brexit from the country.” Like an outsider he fitted right in, as I recall what I remember – he, ‘had a way of engaging and pumping up the atmosphere,” as the sometimes psychedelic feel of his music had a trippy account of wandering into the tribal world of a new found hip hop regime, - almost like his chants and music spoke another tongue. There was a lot of microphone ambiance that gave an echo style vibration that lingered as he repeated and sang some words. It added a completely different feel to both his and Amy’s performance 

 Johnny was less organized when performing but still leapt and leaped with precision as he sang what he had to. He even offered a bottle of wine to the crowd to share amongst each other, and brought on two acts that complimented his style effectively. The female brought that sexier edge with her voice when she came on, as the male that he brought on nearing the end; brought back the grime of the UK. He was all over the place. Peering out off the stage, staring into a few eyeballs and making sure they were connecting with him –Also  nearing the end jumping off stage with his male supportive act and singing among us, as he hyped us up - and then brought us to the end.

 It was a great night and although other acts would perform these two truly stood put for me as contenders for a decent future in their craft. I do hope to see both of them perform again as I haven’t written a live review so short and sweet for time, very nice (borat style)