LaFlamme have hit the ground running with an EP reminiscent of the early 80’s classic rock scene with surprising melodic undertones of early Mancunian Brit Pop.  Smacks of early punk in a few songs with faster tempos and upbeat tempos this band has definitely found something to run with.

This EP will no doubt have classic rock fans nodding and singing along with its radio friendly melodies and lyrically simple yet effective use of solid guitar work. Most songs roll into one another in an appropriate way but at the same time bringing the rawness of the days where you could still find bands playing in the function room of a pub.  The vocalists interesting use of a faucalized voice brings more texture and new dimensions to the overall sound whilst keeping clarity lyrically.

Broken Hearted Sons the charity single which debuts on the 15th of April in support of Muscular Dystrophy UK . The song itself has slightly darker notes than any of the other songs but also brings your ears back to a different time. A great sing-a-long track with a solid guitar playing this track is looking to change the game for this fairly new band, formed in Kent a few short years ago.  The single will be available on Itunes, Googleplay,7 Music and Deezer with all proceeds going directly to the charity.