Me Me Detroit is a singer songwriter based in the UK with a musical style reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus. Her vocals draw out the 90’s Alt Rocker in you as she yearns for your attention. Definitely to be played on a lazy Sunday afternoon, gearing you up for your inevitable Monday morning. Her soft verses with ever so slightly grittier choruses that remind you of smoking indoors and council housing will leave you in peaceful mourning for the mid-nineties.

 ‘Adelaide´ left me full of want.  I wanted to hear more buy the time the song faded out, more importantly I wanted Adelaide.  Her granulated voice made me feel as if I’m missing out on this Adelaide, finishing on an emotional imperfect cadence that makes me want to know more about her.  Where did she go and where can I find her? With vocals that have the right amount of emotional pleading without being annoying almost hidden by the confidence in her writing and vocal abilities and uplifting female vocals in certain songs, the clarity in the vocals without lacking emotion is inviting. 

Me Me Detroit is on tour in the UK from May 28th and her new album ‘Live to Love You’ll Love to Live’ is out now and can be bought through her website.