The metal scene in the UK has been missing something. Don’t get me wrong its picking up the pace as of late, with new talent popping up recently. But this new wave of decent underground metal is lacking in something, we've got young black metal bands such as Aeternum, prog metal bands like Carpathia but we're missing some vital. Well we were, Meta- Stasis are made up of members of Ted Maul, Sikth and Man Must Die and are here to tear you ears apart. I'm not going to lie, when I came across this album not only was I excited to hear what these guys have done, knowing Ted Maul and knowing Sikth but I dropped everything I was doing and pressed play. It tore my soul apart. I need to re-iterate, THESE GUYS WILL TEAR YOUR SOUL APART. They have some of the most brutal riffs I've heard since I first heard Legion of the Damned and they spare no one. Everything about it screams brutality. Its merciless and it leaves you for dead. I'm surprised I lived to tell the tale and this is why I must urge you to listen. It will change your life, your dreams, hopes and fears. If you thought the metal scene was dead then they are here to tell you its THRIVING. Being veterans in the metal scene from the UK to Gibraltar, they know exactly what they’re doing, the melodies are all there, the riffs are there, the double pedals are certainly there and they have been sent from the future to save the scene and leave you with feelings of dread. With songs such as 'We all Must Die' and 'Demon Barber Surgeon' being favourites over here at Retrograde Inversion this band have not impressed me but they've given me hope. They've reinstated my love for underground metal and made me crave more. Meta-Stasis are currently touring and their 2012 album 'When the Mind Departs the Flesh' is out now for you to buy, revel in and bursts your speakers to.

Meta-Stasis are currently touring and booking gigs, for more information about how to buy the album or tours their currently doing visit