No strangers to the music industry Red N Pink (check the hair) have been slaving away trying to break the music industry for the last seven years. With some of the most energetic live sets I’ve seen in a long time they command the stage with such a demanding force that the audience have no choice but to look, listen and learn.  Even in the dreary weather at GO.GO Festival 2011 they still managed to bring some sun shine to the stage with their charmingly erotic performance, their exquisite fashion sense and the all or nothing approach they take to their music. Comprising of two vocalists, a bassist, keyboardist and drummer, they brought a youthful, energetic and fun feel to the festival.

 One of their most notable hits, ‘Are You a Badman?’ is a fantastic demonstration of their musical abilities, their musical style, their impressive production and the energy they effortlessly emit. Another favourite ‘Lady Boy’ has a thumping bass line that you can’t help but nod along to (even if you’re on your way home for a 16 hour shift in the cold).

 This London based group are not a group to be looked over, their live shows are memorable, their music videos are memorable and they’ll be turning up to a venue near you sooner than you think. So, are YOU a badman?!