This new release by band Sonic Revolvers has a simple but effective use of a very early 2000’s writing style that will make all ex Blink 182 fans lose their shit.  With bursts of uplifting melodies and very clear vocals the song has a very solid base.

Easy to nod along to and very radio friendly this song will definitely create a wide range of target audiences.  The song itself could do with a bit more complexity for my tastes however the bands have managed to sell out their next gig. The song is very short that left me asking for a little more out of curiosity however it definitely ended where it needed to.

I feel it’s a shame this song didn’t come out ten years ago as it would fit right in to Scuzz circa 2006 with its American style punk rock reminiscent of Good Charlotte (if they weren’t targeted towards 12 year olds). Sonic Revolvers are currently on tour within the UK in most major cities. 

To listen to the song check out Sonic Revolvers SoundCloud here