The Forgotten Age are a four piece metal core band from Bangor Gwynedd who have just released their new track ’Undone´. This track started off a little screamy for my tastes at the beginning but I held out hope. Incorporating mid 2000 style riffs and melodies with surprisingly clear vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in a pop songs however it seemed to work.  The guitarists know they’re way around their instruments and as much as I wish there was more of the growling that pricked my ears up during the first verse that’s just my personal taste. I’m spotting a lot of potential in this band though there’s o fannying around with the video; it’s not unnecessarily complicated and focuses on the song which is just what this young band needs at this point in time. There are a lot of different textures going on in the song which seems to blend a few different sub genres of metal into one leaving surprises round every corner. The chorus could be a little less whiny but it doesn’t last that long so it’s a saving grace.  ‘Undone’ could easily be played in many a rock night up and down the country with its familiar yet fresh sound. The vocalists abilities are of a standard, hitting high notes most metal bands wouldn’t dare to face and this song would clearly  be fun to see live.. Even the clear influences of bullet don’t phase me at this point, not after that break down.

You can listen to Undone here