The Rash are a punk band from Ashford who have felt the need to bring this style of Punk back into the forefront. With interesting Lyndon-esque vocals and fleeting moments of typical early seventies harmonies, to say this band are reminiscent of the past would be an understatement.

Its no secret to my ears that this band really sounds Like The Sex Pistols on certain songs, but you’d be mistaken if you though they sounded like a tribute band. Taking all the crassness and charm of The Sex Pistols and amalgamating it with the smooth rhythms of Madness The Rash have taken all the influences of the past, chewed it and spat back out a punk sound more relevant to current times. Lyrically speaking to who and what punk was for with fast, short songs that have a habit of bringing you into to it and leaving you stranded. The vocalist has a lot of charisma and just listening to them makes me want to see them live, as soon as possible. Musically, fairly simple but effective use of tempo change and the influences of Ska and Two Tone give the songs the subtle complexities and texture any good song needs.

 The vocalist has a tendency to sound like Phil Daniels whether done purposefully or not but it all ties in with the theme and mood of the songs. I’ve a feeling the vocalist has more talent than he lets on and I’m intrigued to follow them to see what they do next.  The short sharp and intense songs available on the SoundCloud are enough to make you aware of the talent involved in these songs.  Whether a punk fan or not, there’s an easiness to this band when you listen to them, there’s no need to force yourself in to it, it will just pass through you like a train not stopping at the station, leaving you waiting for the next song.

You can listen to The Rash on SoundCloud and BandCamp here.