Useless Cities are a four piece band from London who are influenced by Arcade Fire and Mogwai amongst others.  The almost ethereal tones of the music this band produces, coupled with swathes of grubby guitar work creates more of an emotional sound than an audial one.  Surprising tones and soothing melodies are regularly broken by moments of lyrical silence in order to give the listener a moment to process. However limited the songs available are it does not limit the musical experience for the listener as each track is much more complex than many new bands in this genre.

Stay has an intro more reminiscent of The Durrutti Column with its lamenting guitars and trailing keys than any of the bands the group claim to be influenced by. The female vocalist has a somewhat haunting way of singing which can at time make it sound as if the music is out of sync however it always slips back in to itself as extra layers are implemented into the tracks. The female vocalist and drummer tumble around each other during this track, this unusual musical relationship provides the listener with insight into the way the songs have been written.

The very short verses leave you to ponder over what you just heard to whilst simultaneously being slightly mesmerised by the rest of the bands trickling sounds,  subtly sliding its way into your ears and gripping you before you realise its half way through. Simplistic yet powerful, this song sets the scene for the listener before the listener is aware.

Follow, a track that starts off with a similar tone, unsettling in its introductory melodies, soothes you as the layers evolve. The male vocals, deep and controlled yet slight wavering, force you listen intently as the keys provide light relief to the dark sounds. The male vocalist at times has a hint of early Andrew Eldritch on the deeper end of his range.  Follow is in keeping with the previous track in terms of its mood, the deeper male vocals create a sense of comfortable danger with the female vocals now in the background flourishing the track with nuanced highlights to this darker track.

All the musicians in this band seem to work together all too easily, with intricate yet simple intricacies throughout each song which develop the band and give them an extra edge for their genre. Using a mix of contemporary and classical methods of composing Useless Cities have produced a body of work with potential to grow intelligently and organically with every track.

You can listen to Useless Cities through their various social media sites and keep up with the bands progress here