WolfeSunday is a very upbeat and lively artist with a hint of a southern twang. The energetic vibes that are created with are very unusual for this style of music and are exactly what the genre needs. Using and abusing his guitar to his benefit, with an unrelenting musical style WolfeSunday has an extremely characteristic and recognisable vocal and playing style.

Technically the vocals could do with some work, however it only adds to the texture and soul of the music. Immediately your ears can tell that WolfeSunday loves their instruments,  forcing their sound on your ears without asking for permission. Melodically speaking it works well, surfing between  tides of ups and downs, unwilling to let you feel the music as you want but pressuring you to feel the music as it was written,  which is fairly difficult to do. 

Go  Out to Sea on the  upcoming EP ‘Empty Bottles, Broken Bones’  is almost like listening to someone going through an emotional rollercoaster, struggling to be heard,.  At times WolfeSunday is almost shouting however it does not diminish the feel of the song so personally I can let it go.  All of WolfeSundays songs are pulling together a mix of hunger and determination to be heard. Describing himself as an acoustic act, it is so refreshing to hear him make some noise with his instruments.

Visit his bandcamp here for songs and tour dates.